Frequently asked questions about VAT with bexio

Are there more than two net tax rates per company?

No, a company may have a maximum of two net tax rates.

Can I enable net tax in bexio if I do not yet know my net tax rate?

To enable the net tax method in bexio, you must know its net tax rate, because this is a required field. If you do not yet know it, then do not change the default settings. Only adjust the settings when you know your net tax rate.

Can I change my net tax rate if I have entered it incorrectly?

You can find out which options are available to you in the article: "I have entered an incorrect net tax rate. How can I adjust it?".

Can I switch back to the effective method after the net tax method is set?

If you have already entered postings with tax rates, you cannot change the method. You can learn why this is so and what options you have in the article "Why am I not able to change my VAT method?".

Why do I have to pay acquisition tax?

If you are taxed on balance, you are not entitled to deduct input tax, and for this reason you cannot make the acquisition tax valid as input tax again and it must be paid in full(8%).

Why can I not change my VAT settlement type or method?

You can find more about this here article.

Must I collect input tax even if I am taxed on balance?

If you are taxed on balance, you do not need to collect input tax because you cannot deduct it from VAT afterwards. Note: the acquisition tax must, however, be recorded.

Can I use the VAT form correctly even though I have a foreign currency in the master data?

bexio cannot guarantee a correct display of the VAT form with a master currency that is not CHF (for example Euro or US Dollar). You must clarify with your trustee whether a foreign currency should be stored as the master currency for your company or whether the master currency CHF would be correct for you.

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