Add-on PieSync setup

This add-on allows you to compare and synchronize your bexio contacts with another interface, thus ensuring that your addresses are up-to-date and complete in all the applications and systems that you are using.

PieSync currently offers the following interfaces:


You need to have an account with both bexio and PieSync before you can use the PieSync add-on. To open a trial account with PieSync, click here.

Please note that PieSync is chargeable after the trial period expires. Prices can be found on the PieSync website. You will be invoiced separately by PieSync. The charges for bexio remain as before.

Enable add-on

Log on at and authenticate both systems.


  • In PieSync, you can decide which contacts to synchronize, and which of the two systems is the “main" or "master" system.
  • PieSync is currently only available in English.


If you have any questions about the PieSync add-on, please send a message to Please note that bexio does not offer user support for this add-on.


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