Customize my logo, font, margins and the recipient address for my documents




What can I do with the template for all documents?


You can upload your own logo.


You can choose individual pre-set or self-defined colors for the title, the lines and the text. 

Template elements

The animation below shows you which elements you can show or hide.


Background / fonts / margins

You can upload your own background image (formerly logo paper) in PDF format, and customize the font, font size and margins.



If you want to use a different font than is already shown, click on "Manage fonts" to choose from over 800 pre-installed fonts.


Here you define the spaces from the page margins and the space between the address and the actual start of the document.
Define how much space bexio can not print on both sides. For example, page spacing means that the first 2 cm are not printed - that is the locking surface.
The space to the header defines how far the title is from the document.
Document design now has a "Compact view" option (under "Distances"). If this option is activated, the line spacing in the header and invoice total areas is reduced.

Position of the recipient's address

The recipient's address can be moved to the left or right and up or down. If you don't change the position of the address, it will be adjusted automatically to fit a standard C5 envelope.

You can also show the sender address in order to display it above the recipient's address.





Where do I define document-specific settings?

If you click on "Settings for", you can make document-specific changes that are only applied to this type of document. You can use the document types "Customer account statements", "Quotes", "Orders", "Invoices", "Delivery notes", "Credit notes" and "Purchase orders".

If you would like to attach a PDF file to all documents, please tick "Attach PDF to each invoice" and upload your PDF file.

If you would like the payment slip to be displayed on a separate page, please tick "Show payment slip on separate page".


Header, columns and footer

Click on the appropriate fields to decide what information should be displayed in the header, the footer or the columns. The big advantage is that you can immediately see how the finished document will look in the preview.

If you see warning triangles in the footer, this means that some of your company information is missing. You can supply this information under "Settings" - "Company profile & logo". Find out more about company profiles in the post "What settings can I define under "Company profile & logo"?".

Final page of document

When you want to add a final / last page to your document, this can be uploaded directly. For example, you might want to notify your customers of your Terms and Conditions or provide other information about your company.



Create new Template

In the following GIF you can see how to create a new document template.


Under "Settings" > "All Settings" > "Features and Modules" > "Document types - default settings" you can choose which template you wish to use for each type of document.



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