How can I create standard letters with bexio?

bexio has no built-in function to create standard letters; however, there is an Excel export that is optimized for sending standard letters, so we recommend that you work with Word and Excel if you want to send out standard letters or Christmas cards.

Where do I find the export that is optimized for standard letters?

You will find the standard letter export in the Contacts section of the Exports overview as "Standard letter (.xlsx)". For more information about exports and where to find them, please see the post Export - what options does bexio offer?.


Which data is included in this export?

The standard letter export includes all the contacts in your bexio account. The export can subsequently be filtered and sorted in Excel, as required.

How are the contacts exported?

The standard letter export puts each contact (incl. associated company contacts) on a separate line. For example: If you entered bexio AG with the company address and contact person Jeremias Meier without an address, that would create two lines in the export. Contact persons are automatically assigned the address of the company contact.

The two contacts look like this in bexio:

...and look like this in the export:

How do I use the exported contacts?

bexio doesn’t offer user support for Excel. If you have any questions about working with an Excel file, please consult Microsoft or an IT specialist. Just a couple of tips to help you on your way:

  • Use Excel's AutoFilter function to filter the contacts. You can find instructions on how to use the AutoFilter function on the Microsoft website: AutoFilter
  • To create standard letters, use the built-in functions of Word & Excel. You can find instructions on how to use these functions on the Microsoft website: Mail Merge
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