How can I configure my Trustee Portal?

As a trustee, you have the option of managing your Trustee Portal and your company profile in bexio and setting it up in accordance with your needs.

  • Trustee Portal: The Trustee Portal is a client-capable administration interface that provides you with the optimal way of looking after your clients.
  • Company Profile: Your personal company details, which can afterwards be viewed in the Trustee Register, if applicable.

Trustee Portal

You can access the Trustee Portal directly via the URL or, if you are logged in to bexio, you can access the Trustee Portal in the upper turquoise area.


You will now see 3 tabs in the Trustee Portal if you are the owner:

  • Clients: You can manage your clients in this tab.
  • Trustees: You can manage your employees here and define their roles.
  • Company: You can configure your company-specific settings in this tab


In this tab you can see all of the clients who are using bexio, and you can also review any open invitations that you have received.

You can also create a new client and create a new bexio account in the top right. You can find out more about these topics from this post: Create clients

This tab may appear differently:

  • My clients: The clients that are assigned to you
  • All clients: Only the owner can see this tab, and all clients that are assigned to your trust company are listed here.



You can use this button to assign your employees to the client. Several employees can also look after one client. You can also revoke an account if an employee leaves your company, for example.

If you create a new connection (between an employee and a client), the client will also receive an e-mail requesting that they confirm the connection. This is a data protection measure implemented by bexio.

As the owner of the trust company, you can also make assignments via the "All clients" tab.



This button allows you to automatically access your client's bexio account.

Down arrow

The first important key figures for your client are shown here.


  • Trial expires on: If your client is using a trial account, then this is when their trial account expires.
  • Last client login: When did the client last log in with bexio.
  • Documents in Inbox: Number of documents in the inbox.
  • Number of users: The client's number of users.
  • Last VAT statement: The last closed out quarter or semester
  • Debit items: Open and overdue invoices that your client has entered.
  • Credit items: Open and overdue supplier invoices that your client has entered.

You can close this detailed view again by clicking on the up arrow.


You can manage the employees at your trustee company in this tab. You can create a new employee directly via "Add new trustee".


The employee automatically receives an email from bexio that they can use to accept the invitation and create their own login.

As long as the employee has not accepted/declined the invitation, you can withdraw the invitation at any time or resend the email.


  • Trustee: This employee can only see the clients that are assigned to them in their Trustee Portal and only has access to the "Clients" tab.
  • Owner: This employee can see all of the clients in their Trustee Portal. They can even see clients that they do not manage.


In this tab you can store all information relevant to your company, which will then be visible in the Trustee Register.

You can find additional information on the Trustee Register and the requirements for being listed in the Register on this website: Trustee Partner.

Name, email, and bexio language

In the Trustee Portal, click on your name in the top right and select "Edit profile".


Here you can edit your personal data. You can find out more about this in this article: My Profile

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