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Have you already set up your account and would now like to customize your settings? As soon as you have established these settings, they will be displayed directly in the document and your customers will receive more information.

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The first step is to create your client by clicking on "Add client" in your trustee portal. You can learn more about this in the following article: "Creating a client". When you have successfully created the client, you can proceed to finish configuring other important settings for your clients. The dashboard provides you with an overview of the most important settings that you can set for your client. 



  • Customize bank accounts: This is where you can set up your client's bank and cash accounts. It is particularly important that you set up the bank accounts first, since an account is created in the chart of accounts behind the scenes for each set up bank account. You may, of course, edit the account number and name in the chart of accounts in accordance with your wishes.
  • Edit tax rates: By default, you will find the most common VAT rates already available for you to use. You can add additional rates, but you must ensure that the correct number is selected for each VAT rate and that the tax rate is activated, if necessary. You may also deactivate unneeded VAT rates so that your client does not accidentally use them.
  • Edit chart of accounts: Based on the legal form of incorporation that you selected during setup, the corresponding chart of accounts was imported according to the new Swiss Accounting Law (Rechnungslegungsgesetz). Accounts may be added or deleted as long as the account is not a system account (that is marked with a lock). In the case of the chart of accounts, please ensure that you do not misuse the account, such as, for example: by turning an active account into an income account.
  • Editing basic VAT settings: If necessary, check your VAT settings again here, which you already set up when creating the client.
  • Setting for the fiscal year: If you use deviating or extended/shortened fiscal years for your calendar year, specify this here. You can find out more about this in the following article: Deviating fiscal years

All of the settings that you have listed here can also be found by going to "Settings" – "All settings" – "Accounting" at the top right.


  • After you have set up your client, do not forget to notify them by clicking on the "Notify client" button. The trial period of 30 days only starts at this point in time.
  • If you client wants to work with the products themselves, inform them that they must enter the accounts and VAT rates at the time of product setup. This is the only way to correctly automate postings.
  • Under "Settings" – "All settings" – "Features and modules" – "Invoices" also specify the standard bank account and income account that should be used. There may also be other document types that your client will work with. Check these settings as well.


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