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Clockodo is time-tracking software for small and medium-sized companies. It's quick and easy to use, and features cost control, reporting and export functionality. For more information please visit our Marketplace: clockodo

Information upon request: This app was developed by clickbits GmbH, a third-party provider. Since they also built clockodo's integration with bexio, they are most familiar with the interface and how it works and will be happy to provide support if you have any questions.




Benefits of clockodo

Connect clockodo and bexio to streamline and simplify billing. Once the two applications are connected, customers created in bexio can be imported into clockodo at any time. After tracking and recording working time for specific projects, you can then issue invoices directly to the right customer and transfer the draft invoice to bexio. 



Connecting clockodo to bexio

What you will need

  • A bexio account with project and time-tracking. Check which plan you have by going to Settings > Plans, add-ons & users > "Settings" - "Plan, add-ons & users" - "Plan, options and payment method”.
  • A clockodo account. Go to to create a 14-day trial account. (After the trial period, you will have to switch to a paid subscription if you wish to continue using clockodo. For pricing information please go to All billing is handled directly via clockodo. This has no impact on your bexio plan or price.)


Creating a connection

In clockodo, you click on the Add-Ons section in the settings. Here you can connect clockodo with an invoicing software. Choose bexio from the drop-down menu and click on Select. You will be forwarded to bexio, where you log into your bexio account and allow clockodo to access the data.

After connecting the two applications, you can import your bexio clients to clockodo and create invoices with your clockodo entries.

You can find more information about linking to external applications here: clockodo connection

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