Add-on Clockodo setup

What are the benefits of clockodo?

A combination of clockodo and bexio lets you simplify your invoicing procedures. Customers created in bexio can be imported to clockodo at any time after creating a link. After recording the working times for specific projects, you can send an invoice for them directly to the right, linked customer and send the draft invoice to bexio.




To be able to use clockodo, you need a bexio account with project and time log sheets, and clockodo. You can create a test account for 14 days directly with clockodo: Create test account.

Please note that clockodo will charge a fee after the end of the free trial. The prices can be found on the clockodo website, and the billing is also done directly via clockodo. bexio charges the same fees as usual.



Activate clockodo

In your bexio account, go to "Settings > All settings > Add-ons, Apps & API > API key".
Here, you can create a new API key. You need the following information to enter your data via clockodo:

  • Your company ID
  • User ID
  • Signature key
  • Public key

Go to the company settings in your clockodo account. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to link clockodo with your preferred invoicing method.

Select bexio in the next window. Enter your bexio company ID and your user ID, then enter your signature key and your public key, and select the desired VAT.

After you create a link, you can import your bexio customers into clockodo and transfer draft invoices directly to bexio.




If you have any questions about clockodo, please contact us directly: Please note that bexio doesn't support the link in the application.

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