The bexio ideas portal

What is the ideas portal? is a central place where bexio customers can submit ideas towards the improvement of bexio. All submitted ideas are publicly visible to other bexio customers and users can vote for existing ideas or comment on them.



What is the ideas portal for?

Ideas that you submit onto the ideas portal are placed directly in bexio product management. In this way, ideas end up in the right place and can be assessed, commented on, prioritized and planned by the product manager responsible (at bexio they are called product owners).



How do you submit an idea?

If you have an idea, first check if this idea has already been submitted by another bexio user. Use the search function to do this.

If your idea already exists, you can vote for this idea by clicking on “Vote”. This gives your idea more importance. You can also subscribe to ideas and be automatically notified about changes.

As a result of voting, bexio product owners can quickly see which ideas would help improve customers’ user experiences. This provides them with a good tool to make customer-oriented decisions.



What is the objective of the ideas portal?

With the ideas portal, we want to create transparency and give our customers a new opportunity to submit and exchange ideas directly with product management.

Advantages of the portal: on the one hand, customers see which ideas already exist and, based on their status, recognize which ideas are shortlisted for implementation and which are currently not planned.

On the other hand, the portal enables bexio product management, which is visible to all users, to communicate directly with a large number of customers.



How do I receive feedback?

We try to give feedback as soon as possible. We have set ourselves the goal of giving a first response within 7 days and updating the status. You will be notified by e-mail about the receipt of your ideas and updates.



What do the different statuses mean on the ideas portal?

«Already exists»

The desired function already exists in bexio. As a rule, we give a brief explanation of where to find the corresponding function.

«Future consideration»

We basically like the idea, but need to check more closely what the possible consequences are and how much effort would be needed to implement them. Only after a detailed assessment can we evaluate whether an idea can be implemented or not.

«Will not implement»

Not all ideas are feasible. For example, possible reasons may be that their implementation is very complex, that the desired function is not legally allowed or that the idea (as good as it may be) does not fit into the product strategy. In any case, we explain why an idea is not included in planning.

«Unlikely to implement»

We understand the idea but currently have no plans for its implementation. These are often ideas that would make it easier to run processes in individual cases, but only bring added value to a small group of bexio users.

If we find out by means of further feedback or user tests that the idea has the potential to benefit a larger clientele, we will not rule out pursuing the idea further.


The idea was assessed, prioritized and included in planning by the product owner responsible. Planning to us means that a concrete solution proposal already exists and has been included in the product roadmap.

In most cases, however, we cannot determine exactly when the idea will be rolled out.

«Rolled out»

The status speaks for itself; the idea was implemented and rolled out, making it available to bexio users.


It is sometimes the case that ideas are similar or that a function request has been formulated in different ways but basically means the same thing. These ideas are merged by product management as part of the regular maintenance of ideas. This status is only visible for corresponding ideas.



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