Quick guide to the ideas portal

You can submit your ideas to All ideas are publicly visible, which allows you to vote for other, existing ideas.

Important: The Ideas Portal is available in German.

How to submit an idea

If you have an idea, please check first whether the same idea has already been submitted by someone else. The easiest way to do this is to use the search function.

If your idea already exists, you can vote for this idea by clicking on "Vote". Is your idea new? Submit an idea.

Meaning of the different status


Im Ideenpool / In idea pool

Every new idea is automatically given the status «In idea pool». Our product team checks the pool of ideas regularly.

If the status changes, you will receive an email notification.


Geplant / Planned

We have prepared a concrete solution and included your idea in the further planning.

Nevertheless, the precise timetable of a function roll-out will depend on many factors. This makes it often impossible to give a date well in advance. As soon as we have a concrete date, you will be notified by email.


Ausgerollt / Rolled out

Your idea was implemented and is now available as a function.

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