Update-News 27.03.2018


Dear bexio community

We would like to inform you about the update that was automatically applied on 27.03.2018. You are not required to make any changes.


We now support the PhotoTAN authentication method. If more than one type of login method is enabled, the desired method can be selected.

Payments that are newly entered in bexio will now also be sent to the ZKB in pain.001 format.

Further improvements

Salary payments will be transmitted as a pain.001 lump sum payment, provided that the currency and date is the same for all the transactions. The pain.001 format is currently supported by the following financial institutions: PostFinance, ZKB and TKB.

Bug fixes

Manual bookings

  • The auto-complete function for manual bookings now works when using the arrow keys on a keyboard.
  • The font used when uploading documents for manual bookings matches the bexio font.
  • VAT codes are now shown again in the list view below manual postings.
  • VAT for manual postings can now also be confirmed with the tab key.
  • Collective manual bookings can be posted to any combination of accounts

Other bug fixes

  • Document preview: Company name and address are shown in the document template footer in preview mode, if selected
  • Document design: The “more” icon (three dots) is visible again when editing a document template.
  • VAT on invoices: When an invoice is created, VAT is also shown for items with 0% tax.
  • Recommendation: The recommendation link is also available in French and English.
  • Importing bank transactions: When uploading bank transactions, double-clicks no longer result in duplicates. Uploads are also always followed by a link to reconcile the transactions.


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