Request API access

We already have many partners on our Marketplace who successfully use our API. There you can already get an overview. Perhaps there is already an add-on that meets your requirements.

Request API access

If you want to use our API with OAuth, you can request access free of charge at Please take into account that we do not offer programming work on order and implementation's support from our side. If you are looking for an implementation partner, I can recommend the companies "Peyotedesign" and "JOSHMARTIN". They can make you an offer for the set-up and know bexio and our API in detail. bexio does not, however, guarantee whether the agencies can carry out the implementation. This is subject to a fee, but the API is then complete and correctly set up.

E-mail address:

E-mail address:

API Support Requests

Regarding the API, you can send your questions directly to If you have difficulties with a specific request, we need the following information from that call:

  • Request URL
  • Header davon
  • Body
  • Response


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