Update-News 18.04.2018

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on April 18, 2018. You do not need to perform any updates.


Payments to the Raiffeisenbank are now sent in pain.001 format. This means that wage payments are transferred as collective payments, provided that the currency and the date match.

Further improvements

  • TKB ISR processing: Automatic reconciliation of transactions also works for incoming ISR payments. In addition, transactions are imported individually and are no longer displayed as collective postings.
  • Connect bank accounts: When assigning bank accounts to bexio accounts, there will be an automatic suggestion for assigning bexio bank accounts (for example: if the IBAN is already known on both sides, this account will be selected automatically)
  • Manual postings: The amount field has an integrated calculator. For example, you can enter: 100 * 1.08 and bexio will calculate the result.


  • Postfinance transactions that were provided as ISR collective transactions and as individual transactions as camt.053 files, were partially ignored and not imported. These can now be processed correctly and are available for reconciliation.
  • Google fonts are available again in the new document layout.
  • The "New template" button is no longer available to users without a DocDesigner license.
  • The text "Import bank statement" after transmitted payments has been adjusted. The text "Payments transmitted successfully" is now displayed.
  • The tariff 590 invoice form now displays the phone number and not the mobile number from the company profile.
  • After the invoice production of recurring orders, invoices can be processed correctly even without payment slips
  • A superadmin can also edit user rights without user administration authorization if they are the only superadmin.
  • In the detailed view of the delivery note, the contact is displayed again to the right of the delivery note number.
  • After the successful v11 import, the payments can be exported as PDFs without a payment slip.
  • The loading symbol is displayed again when opening manual entries.
  • When VAT is collected, cash discount postings are no longer displayed in number 235 of the VAT form but are deducted directly from sales.


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