Update-News 26.04.2018

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on April 26, 2018. You do not need to perform any updates.

Improved payments

It is already possible to issue the same payment several times from within bexio. If payments are transmitted in pain.001 format, they are often rejected if issued several times, since a unique ID is created. This ID is included in the pain.001 format and is recognised as a duplicate if a payment is transmitted more than once. Following the latest update, a new ID generated if a payment is re-issued, thus preventing banks from rejecting the payment.

The creation of a new ID may have the consequence that it is no longer possible to automatically reconcile the payment that was issued first.

Improvements in closing VAT periods

When you want to close a VAT quarter or semester, bexio reminds you what you need to check before you submit your VAT statement. Before you can close a quarter or semester, you will be asked to confirm that that these checks have been performed.

Bug fixes

  • Fiscal years that do not correspond to a calendar year can be closed when all the VAT periods that lie completely within the fiscal year have been closed.
  • Manual bookings no longer result in multiple pop-up messages when pressing the Shift + Enter keys.
  • VAT rates can no longer be adjusted in closed periods, including those in which no rate was set.
  • In the VAT journal, long description texts are now properly wrapped to the following lines.
  • Account Groups 582 and 588 no longer share the same description.
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