Language settings

In payroll accounting, there are three places where various languages can be selected:

Company language

The company language which can be changed under "Company" - "Master data" - "Other" defines the language for the salary types and booking accounts and the language in which business documents are created.


User languages

Users can change the language they want to use themselves in their profiles. Here’s a link to a Help Center article that explains how to do this: Changing the user language

This setting determines the language in which payroll accounting is used and displayed. The documents that are generated are not affected by this setting. It is thus possible for users to perform payroll accounting in a language other than the business language of the company.

Employee languages

The language that is selected for an employee in "Master data" - "Personal information” determines the language in which documents that are intended for that employee (payroll, wage statement) are generated.


For example, if you employ someone who lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but want to use German for your payroll accounting, you can simply change the language of this employee to "French" and his or her payroll documents will be generated in that language.


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