Update-News 19.06.2018

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on June 19, 2018. You do not need to perform any updates.


  • Payroll is now available in English and French
  • Credit Suisse: bexio now transmits payments as a pain001 file. In the case of Credit Suisse, umlauts and certain special characters are replaced. For example an ä is converted to ae.
  • In Banking, the IBAN number must be unique, and cannot be present more than once.   When mapping an E-Banking account to an existing account in Bexio, the "Create new account" option is no longer displayed.
  • If an email address is used for a contact person with no login, it is not possible to add a user with the same email address. The error message is now unambiguous.

Error Corrections

  • The "Last imported on DD.MM.YY" message is now again displayed for all banks. Also, the name of the month is now shown in the corresponding language.
  • Bank transactions with missing detailed descriptions can be re-imported and the process is no longer aborted.
  • Transaction files with transactions missing in an account statement are now ignored. Consequently, other bank transactions in other account statements can be still be processed and the overall process is not aborted.
  • The open financial year can be closed; the message stating that VAT periods still remain open has been corrected.
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