Why am I not able to I see the appropriate net tax rate on the VAT form?

If you cannot see the correct net tax rate on your VAT form, this is because you have several valid net tax rates in this calendar year.

To correct this, you must cancel the net tax rates that you no longer use. Go to "Settings - All settings - Accounting - VAT tax rates". Select the VAT rates that you no longer need and for which you have not entered an expiration date in the "Valid until" column. Each of these entries will say "No expiration date" in each case.


Click on any of these net tax rates and set an expiration date. 
Tip: If the VAT rate is not valid for the entire calendar year, it will not appear on the VAT forms for this calendar year.


This must be done with all VAT rates that are no longer required in order to see the current net tax rate in the VAT form.

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