How do I activate Valiant as my bank?



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This article will show you how easy it is to synchronise your Valiant account with bexio, and how to reconcile transactions and transfer payments.

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Supported login methods

bexio supports the M-TAN login method for Valiant online banking. For more information about the different login methods, please refer to this article: Supported login methods


Connect to online banking

First, you need to create your Valiant account in bexio. You can then link the bexio bank account with your online bank account as follows:

  1. Go to the bexio Banking section and scroll down to your Valiant account
  2. Click on "Connect to online banking".
  3. A dialogue box will appear, informing you that you are being forwarded to the Valiant online banking service. To continue, click on "Connect to Valiant".
  4. Log in with your online banking credentials and verification method (e.g. M-TAN).
  5. Allow bexio access to your banking data by clicking on "Confirm".
  6. Link the bank account to the existing bexio bank account or to a new bexio bank account. Bank accounts that you do not want to use with bexio can be ignored by selecting the option "Ignore this bank account in bexio". It is important that all your accounts are either linked to a bexio bank account or explicitly ignored.

All available online banking transactions will then be imported into bexio. A dialogue box will inform you how many transactions have been retrieved.

After bexio has been successfully linked to at least one online bank account, the "Connect to online banking" will disappear and be replaced by the "Retrieve transactions" button.

Important note

Under certain circumstances, no transactions may appear, despite the fact that you have logged in successfully. Please refer to the following article for more information on why this may occur: No transactions retrieved.


Retrieving transactions

The synchronisation of Valiant accounts takes place automatically every night. If you would like to perform a manual synchronisation, please click on "Retrieve transactions" in the Banking section.


Transferring payments

Read this article to find out how to enter payments in bexio and transmit them to your bank with a single click.

Payments must still also be confirmed in Valiant online banking before they are executed.


Please note that payment requests can only be transmitted after transactions have been successfully retrieved from your bank at least once – please see "Retrieving transactions" above.


Why can't I connect more than one bexio account to a Valiant online banking account?

Since bexio connects your entire online banking account to your bexio account, it is not possible to connect multiple bexio accounts to your Valiant online banking account. We cannot offer this option for security reasons.


How do I disconnect my Valiant account from bexio?

You can disconnect manually from online banking by clicking on the three dots next to the blue "Retrieve transactions" button.

A dialogue box will appear, asking you to confirm that you would like to disconnect bexio from online banking.

Transactions that have already been imported will still be visible in bexio. The connection can also be re-established at any time. This is explained in the section Connecting to online banking.

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