Upload files to a contact

New – You can now upload and attach files directly to a contact. This allows you to store documents such as contracts, correspondence or other attachments directly with your contact.

Uploading a file

Go to "Contacts" and pull up the contact you want to upload the file to. You’ll see a new tab called "Files".


There, you can add the desired document to the contact by using "Drag & Drop" or "Select file".

View a file

To view an uploaded file, click on the appropriate line in the file list. The file will then, depending on the browser setting, be opened or downloaded in a new window or a new tab.


Downloading a file

You can also download previously uploaded files at any time. To do so, click on the options icon on the right side and afterwards on "Download". The document will then be saved on your computer, in the manner specified in your browser setting.


Renaming a file

You can also rename a file, as explained in this short video. Confirm the new name by pressing the Enter key.


Deleting a file

If you want to delete a file, click on the options icon and delete it there. This removes the document.



You have 8 seconds to undo this action:



Important information

  • Permissions: Check your user permissions. By default, all users have this feature turned on and can delete or rename files. These can be found under "Settings" - "Packages / Add-ons / Users" - "Manage Users" by clicking on the "Manage Users" buttons.
  • Documents cannot be further processed, e.g. they cannot be set to "sale".
  • File uploads to contacts do not affect your Inbox, which will continue to be available as normal.
  • The file upload feature is included in the Pro and Pro+ packages. If you have a different package and cannot use this feature, please contact bexio support.
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