Update-News 05.12.2019

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 05.12.2019. You do not have to perform any updates.

New features

  • Memos in contacts display reminder texts in the documents, reminding users of any specifics relating to individual customer groups, suppliers or projects.
  • Customer account bookings can be deleted; a counter entry is no longer necessary.
  • For accountants: Expand the functions of bexio. In addition to the App Marketplace that already exists for customers, we are launching the App Marketplace for trustees: Discover great apps to make your work processes even easier—be it in time recording, mailing or newsletter distribution.


  • As of now, you can activate the year 2020 in payroll accounting. The new OASI rates are already stored and you can prepare any changes.

Error Corrections

  • After changing your bexio login e-mail, you could no longer log into payroll accounting. We were able to rectify the malfunction with an update during the week. 
  • Number of users to be removed is displayed when switching from a higher package to a lower package.


  • Since introducing the improved account sheets, the reports on revenue and expenditure in the Bookkeeping area were hardly used anymore. As a result, we removed the two reports. The account sheets let you check the corresponding accounts more easily and clearly.


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