Memos in contacts



What are memos?

Memos are text-based reminders in the documents that remind you of any specifics relating to individual customer groups, suppliers or projects.

Are you currently creating a contact for your best customer abroad and would like to store information on the agreed discount, the usual payment terms and a reminder of the chocolate you always send? You can use memos to do just that! 


Benefits of memos:

  • Flexible - you can save everything you want to be reminded of later
  • Simple - A virtual post-it in your documents
  • Efficient - Link any number of contacts to a memo with just one click


Memos explained step-by-step

Memos are stored for contact categories in bexio. You have the option of storing several memos per category and displaying them for different documents. You can then add this contact category to the contacts in question to display the memos for that contact. 


Creating memos

Go to the overview of your contact categories under "Settings"> "All Settings"> "Master Data"> "Categories". 


You already entered some categories when you initially created your bexio account and can start right away. To do this, open a category or create a new category and click on "Add memo".


Text: Enter the text for your memo here. This text will be displayed in the reminder on your selected documents.

Color: The color in which your memo is displayed.  

Visible in: You can specify here in which document types this memo should be displayed. All documents in bexio are available for selection: offering, order placement, invoice, credit note, delivery, supplier invoice, order & project


Important: If your bexio account has already been migrated to the new purchasing area, memos cannot be displayed in supplier invoices.


Assigning memos to contacts

To assign the memos to a contact, you have two options. You can assign a contact individually to a category or use bulk changes to assign a category directly to multiple contacts.


Assigning a category to a single contact:

Open the desired contact and click "Edit contact". You can then edit the contact categories on the right side and either add new categories or remove ones that have already been added.



Assigning a category to multiple contacts (bulk customization):

Switch to the contact overview and mark all the contacts you want to add to a category/memo. Then click on bulk change in the lower right corner of the drop-down menu and follow the steps to perform the bulk customization. 

For further information in this regard, please refer to the following Help Center article: 

Contacts - Bulk changes 


What can memos not do?

Memos are freely definable texts that should, for example, simplify the offering and invoicing process to make sure nothing is forgotten. This feature is about displaying the reminder, not about automatically applying a memo to the document.



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