Update-News 19.02.2020

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 19.02.2020. You do not have to perform any updates.

Error corrections

  • The descriptions of newly-created bookings on customer accounts are now also shown in the account sheets
  • In the list of VAT rates, the correct liability account is now displayed for reverse charge tax
  • VAT rates that are followed by the code 415 or 420 cannot be set as the standard VAT rate for purchasing, since they cannot be selected for supplier invoices, etc
  • If you switch from "Not liable to VAT" to "Liable to VAT", the time series is not shown
  • You can now update VAT numbers even if you already have a closed VAT period
  • Net tax rates can now only be created with a valid net tax rate
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