Guuru: Forwarding a chat query (mobile & web app)

If you can’t learn any more about a customer's query or can’t answer the query yourself (e.g. questions about a bexio invoice, opening of the fiscal year, etc.), we are always here to support you. With Guuru, the request may be forwarded directly to us without the customer having to describe their query again.





It is important to us!

We want to offer our customers the best possible support.
It is of particular concern to us that each time a query is forwarded, it should be pointed out that the chat history will be forwarded with the query, and a bexio support employee will contact the customer in writing.

For example, use the following wording:
"Thank you for your query, as your bexio customer contact, I do not have the all the information needed to answer your query. However, I shall be happy to forward this chat history to bexio support in order to process your query further. Please note that it may take a little time for you to receive an answer. Please enter your email address in the input field below to allow a bexio employee to contact you directly. Kind regards."

Tip: You can also save this text block in Guuru (as a macro).





Nachdem eine Information zur Weiterleitung gesendet wurde, klicken Sie auf Ihren Benutzernamen. Danach After the forwarding information has been sent, click on your user name. Then select "Transfer to: bexio".



Mobile app

After the forwarding information has been sent, click on the "three-point menu". Then select "Forward".




After forwarding

After forwarding a chat history, support will take care of the query. The user's e-mail address is automatically retrieved after pressing the send button.

Our bexio support is available during normal office hours and will answer the queries as soon as possible.


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