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Copy wagetypes with 1 click!

Simply create a new wage type by copying an existing wage type and change the description and bookings according to your requirements. No detailed configuration is required, since all settings are copied together with the wage type. 


Funcion overview

In the overview of your wagetypes in "Company" > "Wage types" you can find the following view:




Copy wagetypes

With a click on "Copy_Symbol.png" you are able to create a copy of an already existing wage type. In our example we copy the wage type 1001 "Monatslohn 2":


The new wage type is named after the copied one and gets a new number and a suffix attached to the description. The suffix "(copy)" is added to the description and the number ".1" is added for the first copy. This number counts upwards if you copy the wage type again. 

In our example case the wage type 1001 "Monatslohn 2" becomes 1001.1 "Monatslohn 2 (copy)".

All settings besides the description and the booking of the initial wage type are reapplied to the copy and can not be changed. 



Edit & delete copied wagetypes

As our original wage types the copies can be edited and furthermore be deleted again. If you edit a copy of a wage type using our "pencil" symbol, you are going to see the following menu:


With a click on the "bin" symbol you can then delete the wage type copy. A copy of a wage type can only be deleted, if it is not currently used in a closed paystub. 



As soon as you click on "delete" and the wage type is not used in any closed paystubs, the wage type is deleted and is going to be removed out of all open paystubs as well. 


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