I have entered an incorrect net tax rate. How can I adjust it?

Have you entered a net tax rate and later determined that the incorrect net tax rate value was entered? In bexio you can adjust this and recalculate the accounting with the new net tax rate. The system differentiates between whether the tax rate has already been used in a posting or not:

Edit a net tax rate that has not been used in any postings.

If you have created a net tax rate and find that it is incorrect,  then you can easily correct it before it has been used.

To do this, go to your tax rate settings under "Settings - All settings - Accounting - VAT tax rates". Here you see a list of all your tax rates.


Click on the tax rate that you entered incorrectly. A screen allowing you to edit the tax rate appears. Here you can enter the net tax rate in the same way that you would create a new one.


Adjust a net tax rate that has already been used to make a posting.

Once postings involving a net tax rate have been entered, you will no longer be able to edit its percentage rate. In this case, however, we offer you the option of exceptionally adjusting the tax rate and then recalculating your accounting.

If you would like to do this, go to your tax rate settings under "Settings - All settings - Accounting - VAT tax rates". Here you will see a list of all your tax rates. 


You will see three dots under the net tax rates that you have already used. Click on the three dots and select "Adjust net tax rate".


You are now in the editing screen for your net tax rate. Here you can change the net tax rate. To do this, select the net tax rate from the dropdown menu that was assigned to you by the Federal Tax Administration and click "Adjust net tax rate". As soon as you click on "Adjust net tax rate", your bexio account will become unavailable until the recalculation of your accounting is finished. This can take up to 2 hours.

Please note: If you complete these steps for editing your tax rate and save your changes, your accounting will be recalculated. This may change your profits or losses.


After bexio has finished recalculating the accounting for you using the new net tax rate, you will receive a change log that will show you how your sales have changed as a result of the change. You can call up this log at any time: You will find it under "Accounting - Reports - Logs".


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