Why are postings with a sales tax rate not allowed under net tax?

If you receive the following warning, you have made postings with sales tax rates in net-taxed years.

If you have postings with sales tax rates in net-taxed mode, then this is not allowed. You need to fix all of these postings.

This is only possible with sales tax rates that have a percentage value of 0% and to which no code has been assigned. This means that all postings that you have made using such a rate are not included in the VAT form/journal.

We recommend that you correct all postings that were made with such a VAT rate so that you do not submit incorrect VAT bills and so that you can make full use of all bexio functions. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create the correct 0% tax rate
    Go to "Settings - All settings - Accounting - VAT tax rates" and create a new VAT rate here. All 0% VAT rates require the "non-taxable sales" type, and they require you to select a code that matches the business cases of your postings. For example, "220" for the export of goods. If you are not sure which code is appropriate for your business case, we recommend that you consult your fiduciary or tax advisor. If you have various business cases, you must create several 0% tax rates.

  2. Filter for one of the 0% rates in the journal without a code
    To do this, go to "Accounting - Reports" and open the filter. In the filter labeled "VAT rate", select one of the 0% rates without a code and apply the filter.
    Now you can see all of the postings that you made in the current fiscal year with this VAT rate. Open the posting or edit the original document of the posting so that you can save the previously created correct VAT rate to it. Check the postings for all net-taxed years and for all tax rates with 0% and without codes.

The goal is to eliminate all postings in the system that were created with a sales tax rate of 0% and that lack a code in a net-taxed year.

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