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Calenso is the simplest and most modern online appointment booking system with bexio integration. Online payment, multiple languages, synchronization with your calendar and much more. For more details, please visit our Marketplace: Calenso

Information about inquiries: This connection was programmed by the third-party provider Braincept AG. Because they built Calenso’s integration with bexio, they are also most familiar with the interface and how it works and will be happy to provide support if you have any questions






The advantages of Calenso

Your customers can book an appointment with you and choose to pay by invoice. You decide whether the invoice and the contact should be created in bexio or if only the contact should be entered in bexio.

  • The simplest and most modern online appointment booking system
  • Online appointment booking for services, resources and group appointments
  • Synchronization of customer data, appointments and courses with bexio
  • Widget integration on your own website
  • Calenso Calendar synchronization with iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar
  • Send appointment reminders to your customers by email or SMS
  • Available in DE / EN / FR / IT (backend in DE and EN)



Connecting Calenso to bexio


  • A bexio account - log in to bexio or start a free trial.
    A Calenso account. This account can be created directly when the connection is created. The data from bexio is transferred immediately.

Prices: You can find the price overview on our Marketplace.
(Billing is done directly via Calenso. This does not affect your costs for bexio.)


Creating a connection

1. You can find the APP on our Marketplace: Calenso - click on "Add APP".



2. You will be redirected to the bexio login, where you can enter your login data.



3. Select the company you wish to connect to Calenso. After that, only the access rights need to be allowed.






If the connection between "bexio" and "Calenso" has not worked, you can check this in the settings. Open the settings with the "gear symbol".



You can then click on "Online payment" and "bexio (invoices)" under "Integrations".



In the next window you can only click on "Connect Bexio" and go through the registration process, after that you are connected.




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