User rights


There are several user rights functions that can be activated or deactivated:



If a module is activated for a user, it will appear for that user in their menu (example: Banking)
(It is activated under “Banking” > “Module”, therefore it also appears in the user’s menu.)


(It is now deactivated under “Banking” > “Module” and it no longer appears at the top of the menu)



If the “Editing” function is deactivated, documents in the various modules can no longer be edited or recreated. As long as the view function is activated, however, they can be viewed.

You can also specify that users can only edit their own documents. Here again, if the view function is activated, the user can view all documents in the respective module; however they can only edit the documents he/she has created himself/herself.


Activating “Superadmin” does not automatically assign all rights.

Only the following rights are activated:

- View “All settings”
- Access to payroll accounting
- Access to user rights


Admin rights should not be confused with superadmin rights.

The admin has access to all settings such as: Header and footer texts for documents, chart of accounts adjustments, categories and branches for categories, etc.

If “Admin rights” are deactivated, access to settings is limited. In this case, the user will only have access to “user administration”.



If “Editing” is set to “none”, the individual bank accounts can no longer be edited in the Banking module.


Banking Synchronisation

If “Banking Synchronisation” is deactivated, payments can no longer be transferred to e-banking and transactions can no longer be collected or reconciled.

Document upload

If “Document upload” is deactivated, the “Inbox” module will no longer appear under “Apps”.

User administration

If “User administrator” is deactivated, the user cannot manage user rights.

bexio invoices

The option of whether the invoices issued by bexio are visible under “Settings” > “Packages/Add-ons/Users” > “Package, Options and Payment Method” can be activated.


The module can be activated or deactivated here.

Dashboard sales statistics

If this is deactivated for the user, the user will no longer see the “Cash in and out” table on their dashboard.

File upload for contacts

This authorisation is only available for the Pro and Pro+ packages and controls whether the menu item “Files” is available for contacts and whether only the user’s own files or all files can be uploaded and edited.


Document Designer

Here you can set whether document templates can be viewed and edited under “Settings”.

E-banking interface

Once this function is deactivated, the user will no longer have the option to connect/disconnect links to e-banking.

(The button “Connect e-banking” will no longer appear)


Purchasing - Expenses

As explained at the beginning, users can set the module as desired here.
- Module can be shown or hidden
- The user can set whether all documents within the module can be edited, only his/her own documents or no documents at all
- Option to set whether all or only the user’s own documents can be viewed
The same settings apply to the following modules:

  • Purchasing - Orders
  • Purchasing - Vendor invoices
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Warehouse management
  • Notes
  • Products
  • ProjectsSales - Analysis
  • Sales - Quotes
  • Sales - Orders
  • Sales - Credits
  • Sales - Account statements
  • Sale - Deliveries
  • Sales - Invoices

Sales - Account statements

In order for the “Finances” tab and thus also account statements to be visible for the selected contact, additional user rights must be activated. This also includes Sales - Invoices (or Sales - Quotes) and of course Contacts.

If only Sales - Account statements is deactivated, the Finance tab will be visible, however the page will not open.

Warehouse management (edit inputs & outputs)

This module is unique in that it is the only one set to deactivated by default (even for the initial user). If this module is deactivated, the selected entries can no longer be deleted under “Products” > “Inputs/Outputs” > “Select an action”. The button “Delete selected entries” is therefore no longer required.


Projects (Conditions)

You can also show/hide the conditions within a project for certain users. This also applies to the last module Time/Performance Recording.


Sales - Payment reminder wizard

The payment reminder run function can be deactivated for selected users.
This function can be found under “Sales” > “Other”.

The same principle applies to the following authorisations:

  • Sales - Recurring invoice wizard → Function “Create invoices from recurring orders”
  • Sales - Payment wizard → Function “Enter payments (Manual)”
  • Sales - ESR wizard → function “Upload ISR customer payments”



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