Value-added tax on importation / customs invoice (New Purchase Module)


You can book the import tax levied by customs, which is charged to you, for example by a forwarding agent or postal service /DHL, conveniently and easily with the correct VAT code via the supplier invoices module.

To do this, select the relevant goods expense or operating expense account and the corresponding VAT code “Customs tax advance Material/DL" or "Customs tax advance Inv/üBA" and the complete VAT is posted to the correct Customs tax advance account.

To do this, go to "Purchasing" - "Supplier invoices" - "+new supplier invoice" and in the line item; select the correct posting account .


Here you can now choose the appropriate VAT rate for your import tax. Either "Customs tax advance material/DL" or “Customs tax advance Inv/üBA". Then you can post the supplier invoice.


In this way your import tax is booked automatically:


 You can also enter the import tax manually in the form to be found under "Accounting" - "manual posting". 


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