On account invoices

This feature is not available in bexio.
We recommend that you use another program to create invoices that are
to be charged "on account".


bexio has no feature that allows you to record "on account" invoices. Since it is important that the VAT details are also correctly recorded, it is not advisable to create individual "on account" invoices.
The best option is to create an invoice with another program and then record the accounting process in bexio by means of manual bookings. If you need any help to create such bookings, I recommend that you contact your accountant of choice, since the bexio support team does not cover
accounting or similar services. "On account" invoices are used mainly by specific industries. bexio is an industry-independent solution, so we do not provide a feature to meet every industry-specific requirement.Alternatively, you may prefer to use partial invoices. More information can
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