Zero value invoices

This feature is not available in bexio.

Zero value invoices cannot be created in bexio!



When an invoice is created in bexio with a total value of less than or equal to zero, the status cannot be set to "Open". We suggest that you create an order and make it available to your end customer. Set the status of the order manually to "Completed" so that it does not remain in "Partial" status, since you will not be creating an invoice from the order.



I would like to encourage bexio to implement this feature!

This feature has already been requested by another customer in our Ideas portal. You can add your support to this idea by voting for it. 

→ Here's a link to the idea:Zero value invoices

You will be notified automatically when the status of the idea changes. Our product management team considers, evaluates and prioritises all customer requests and ideas. This ensures that your requests are referred directly to the appropriate person.


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