Update-News 17.04.2020

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 17.04.2020. You do not have to perform any updates.

New Features

  • Improved workflow with foreign currency exchange rates thanks to additional exchange rate fields
    We have created more exchange rate fields at various places in the bexio application that allow the fixed exchange rate stored in the general settings to be quickly and easily overwritten. It is no longer necessary to constantly switch back and forth from the general settings.
  • The exchange rate can now be entered directly in the following places:

      • Invoice settings
      • Credit note settings
      • Invoice payments
      • Credit note payments
      • Credits / debits to a customer account

    We are currently working on a fully automated solution with mean monthly rates from the Federal Tax Administration that will make working with foreign currencies even easier for you in future.  

  • Provisional balances carried forward from a financial year can now be deleted in the year-end closing section.
  • New apps in the Marketplace:  
    • Automate the recording and booking of your documents and receipts with! extracts all the appropriate data from your receipts in bexio and books them automatically – also from credit card statements. Read more
    • SumUp by bexioSync: Synchronise your sales and card payments directly to bexio with SumUp. This will save you tedious manual processing, help to eliminate errors, and provide you with a comprehensive overview at all times. Read more
    • HRMplus will help you to handle the current exceptional situation (COVID-19) when registering short-time work compensation (for SMEs) or compensation in lieu of earnings (e.g. for the self-employed or certain groups of persons). Read more

Error Corrections

  • Date selection in account sheets has been optimised and now works after each entry.
  • In some cases, manual bookings could not be saved when using foreign currencies. This problem has now been solved for all possible cases,
  • When carrying forward provisional balances, manual bookings were deleted from the opening annual account to which the balances were carried forward. Sometimes, the system did not show a warning message. The warning message is now always shown before provisional balances are carried forward
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