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Automate the recording and booking of your documents and receipts! extracts all the appropriate data from your receipts in bexio and books them automatically – also from credit card statements!

The prices and more information can be found on the bexio marketplace: by indagia

The integration is billed directly by our partner company. The price of your bexio subscription remains the same.

Enquiries / Support: This connection was programmed by the third-party provider INDAGIA AG. Since the bexio integration was developed by indagia, they know the interface best and will support you with any questions that may arise.






Advantages of

With, you can use an OCR scanner to extract all the data from the receipts, documents and invoices in your bexio inbox in less than 10 seconds and book them automatically!

  • Record your expenses and reconcile your credit card transactions 5x faster! spesen-ai extracts, reconciles and automatically books the data in less than 10 seconds.
  • Invoices are retrieved directly from your bexio inbox and uploaded again after they have been booked. Invoices can also be approved.
  • All the data is hosted and stored in Switzerland. We guarantee the highest data security standards.



Connecting with bexio


  • A bexio account → (Register / Login)
  • You do not need to create a separate account with indagia.

Creating the connection

1. Add the "spesen-ai by indagia" app to your account from the bexio Marketplace.



2. To log in to indagia, use your existing bexio account «Log in via bexio» and select the account that you want to connect. That's it! You have already successfully established the connection.

indagia_login.png bexio_login.png 




After the connection has been established, the uploaded documents from your bexio inbox will be synchronised with your indagia account.



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