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Important: L'application «bexioGo» reprend les fonctionnalités de «bexio Scanner» et «bexio Contacts» et remplace ces deux applications. Comme nous n'effectuons plus de développement sur les applications précédentes, elles ont été retirées des magasins d'applications au début du mois de mars. Nous vous recommandons de passer immédiatement à la nouvelle application.
You can use the bexioGo Mobile App to manage your contacts, to enter times when recording services, and to upload documents, which can then be used to generate bills. This article covers setting up the app and general menu navigation.

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You can find our bexioGo app in the App Store (for Apple iPhones) & Google Play Store (for Android phones). Please note that you need a bexio account to register in order to be able to use this app. Download the app using the following links:

bexio Scanner App im App Store für iOS downloaden bexio Scanner App im Google Play Store für Android downloaden

Getting started

1. Logging in

The first time that you open the app, you will be asked to log in to bexio. Log in using your bexio account. Confirm your entered details by clocking “Register”.


2. Choose your company

You can then select the company you want to use for bexioGo. You can add other companies later via “My bexio companies”.


3. Access rights

To grant an access right, tap “Allow” so that you can use the app.


d1.jpg d2.jpg

Menu overview


No. Action
1 You can switch between your company accounts by sliding the menu to the left.
2 Manage your contacts that you have entered in your bexio account. Learn more »

Scan your documents and upload them to your bexio inbox or use them to easily create a supplier invoice. Learn more »

4 Record a service for your bexio projects. Learn more »
5 Under “My bexio companies” you can manage your company accounts and add additional ones.

Possible error messages

Error message Explanation
“You are currently not connected to the Internet! You will only be able to upload any newly created data the next time you are connected. Some of the app functions may only be used to a limited extent while offline.” There is no Internet connection on your phone, which prevents the app from performing certain functions.
“The maximum number of companies has been reached. Please remove an existing company first before adding a new one.” You are currently only allowed to link a maximum of 8 company accounts to the app.
"Login data not found or you don’t have the required rights." Email address and password do not match.


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