Add-on Prestashop by bexioSync

Now you can synchronise your PrestaShop customer, product and order data directly into bexio with bexioSync. More information can be found in the bexio Marketplace: PrestaShop by bexioSync






The bexioSync interface

You will need to use bexioSync to connect «PrestaShop» to your bexio account. The bexioSync interface is provided free of charge by bexio. No additional user account is required. Simply log in with the user credentials for your bexio account. You will be redirected to our platform from



Connecting Prestashop with bexio via bexioSync



bexioSync Login

1. Add the «PrestaShop by bexioSync» app to your account from the bexio Marketplace.



2. You will land on the page – Click on «Login».



3. When you are redirected to the bexio login page, log in to your bexio account.



4. Select the company that you would like to connect to bexioSync and then perform the access authorisations.

3.png 4.png 


Creating the connection

1. Activate PrestaShop in the bexioSync overview, and then launch the Configurator.


2. Click on the download button to install the «bexioSync PrestaShop plugin».



2a. In your PrestaShop account, in "Module" > "Module Manager" > "Upload Module", you can upload the plugin you have just downloaded to have it installed.




2b. After uploading, the message «Module installed!» appears and you can open the «Settings».

  • First generate a «hash», which you will need in the next step in bexioSync.
  • And below that you can make the desired settings for PrestaShop. (Tip: «Order Create» & «Invoice Create» should not be activated together). And save afterwards.




3. Change back to Connect your bexio account.



4. In the next step, enter the «Hashalt» webhook hash that you generated in your PrestaShop account (via "Modules" > "bexio" > "Configure")



5. Select whether an «order» or an «invoice» should be created in bexio.



6. Adjust the settings to match the PrestaShop configuration (in Prestashop, via "Shop Name" > "Shop Parameters" > "Contact" > "Stores")




7. Select the product in bexio that you use to charge the shipping costs. If you have not yet created such a product, enter a new product in your bexio account. (Tip: This product does not necessarily have to have a «selling price», as this is already automatically taken over by the webshop.) («Create new products»)



8. Depending on the payment method used, the transaction can be booked to a different debit account. Specify at least one debit account. If you would like to book everything to one account, select it as the default account.



9. If VAT rates are setup in Prestahop these VAT rates need to be correctly booked in bexio. Add the correct bexio VAT to a VAT rate. Selecting a default VAT rate allows you to book all transactions that don’t match a specific VAT rate to that bexio VAT account.





After the connection has been created, you will be guided through the settings. You can access the settings later with the menu on the left.



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