Send offer, order, invoice by e-mail

Use “E-mail dispatch” to send your bexio documents conveniently and easily by e-mail.



The Benefits

  • Send documents as PDF: In addition to the network view (link), documents can be sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment.
  • Notification if e-mail delivery is not possible: An e-mail notification is sent to the sender’s address if an e-mail could not be delivered.
  • More flexibility: Several new features, such as sending to multiple recipients, streamline the workflow in bexio.



Create e-mail templates

Here you can manage the templates for messages you send along with your documents.
You can use a variety of bexio placeholders here to personalize your message as desired. These placeholders are automatically updated when the e-mail is called up in the document.

The e-mail templates can be found under “Settings” -> “All settings” -> “Feature & modules” -> “E-mail templates”.

Click on “New template” in the overview to create a new template:


Here you can choose for which document type (offer, order, reminder, or invoice) the template is used and can assign a name. You can now also fill in the “Subject” and “Message” fields for each language you wish to use. Placeholders can be used for both fields to personalize the message for your recipient. Once the template has been saved, you can use it to send your documents by e-mail.

Important: The template must contain at least the placeholder for the “Online link” [Network link] in order to save the template and for dispatch to work. 



Sending documents by e-mail

When your document is ready to be sent, click on “Email invoice” on the right side. This opens a new e-mail message based on whichever e-mail template is defined as the default template. The invoice will be displayed below the e-mail form so that you can check to make sure everything is correct before sending.



Where is the recipient's e-mail address taken from?

This version is also available as a PDF download at the end of this article.



Multiple recipients and ‘Send me a copy’

You can enter up to 10 recipients in the “To” field, to whom the e-mail will be sent. In addition, by clicking on “CC” or “BCC” you can also send a copy of the e-mail to up to 10 additional recipients each. You can enter additional e-mail recipients using semicolon, comma, space bar, enter or leave the field.

By ticking the “Send a copy to (” checkbox, you can also send a copy of the e-mail to yourself. The copy is always sent to the e-mail address that is stored as the reply address in the “Reply to” field.


PDF as an attachment / online document

In addition to the online link for viewing the online document, a PDF of the document is included in the e-mail as an attachment by default. If you prefer to send your e-mail without a PDF, you can remove it by clicking on the small cross on the right side. If your customer uses the network link, he/she can send you a message or pay the invoice directly by credit card or TWINT.


How can I send more attachments?

Other attachments in addition to the PDF of the invoice can be uploaded and made "visible" as before via the document upload. These are then made available for download in the network link.



Send invoice

By clicking on “Email invoice”, the e-mail is sent and the status of the invoice changes automatically from “Draft” to “Pending”. Please note, however, that the status will only change if the invoice is in the status “Pending” prior to dispatch.

The shipping status is shown as a green check mark next to the document status “Pending”. 


 Once the document has been sent, the tooltip shows you when the document was sent by e-mail and whether the customer has opened the document in the network view.




Overview of e-mails already sent - Communication Center

The Communication Center allows you to keep track of which documents you have already sent as well as the mode in which they were sent.

The Communication Center can be accessed via “Settings” -> “All settings” -> “Communication Center”.


As soon as the recipient clicks on the link to the “Online Document”, the status changes from “Sent” to “Received”.

Information: The content of sent e-mails is not stored or displayed here. If you would like to track the content sent, we recommend that you use the function "Send copy to (", which can be selected directly when sending.



Sending by e-mail software

In addition to sending e-mails directly from bexio, you also have the option of sending a document via your local e-mail program.
To do this, hover your mouse over the arrow to the right of “Email invoice” and select “Send invoice by using e-mail software”


 A message will appear prompting you to choose whether the document should be marked as “Sent” and whether the document status should be changed from “Draft” to “Pending”.


Click on “Send” to open a new e-mail in your e-mail program. The recipient, subject and message text are automatically filled out based on the e-mail template used. Here you can also make manual adjustments before sending the message via your e-mail software.

If your e-mail software does not open automatically, this may be because you have not set a default program in your computer settings. This is a bexio-independent setting.


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