Update-News 30.07.2020

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 30.07.2020. You do not have to perform any updates.

New Features & improvements

  • In preparation for the future integration of the FTA monthly average rates, we have merged the two settings “Currencies” and “Exchange rates” into one setting: “Currencies and exchange rates”. The new setting simplifies the creation and editing of your currencies in bexio and offers an improved overview.
  • If automatic number assignment is deactivated, it is now mandatory to provide an invoice number when creating invoices via the API. Otherwise the invoice cannot be issued.
  • Greater clarity in the “Send invoice by e-mail” action thanks to a new note: Contacts marked as deleted must first be restored in order to send e-mails to them.
  • Greater clarity in dealing with QR invoices: The placeholder “ESR reference number” has been renamed to “Payment reference number” and will be replaced with the QR reference number in a QR invoice.
  • The link to the bexio network is now displayed in an easier-to-understand format for your recipients: It is always formatted as a link and the document number is displayed directly in the e-mail as an HTML message.
  • New app in marketplace: Make calls from bexio with just one click – no manual dialing required: LeanSync Voice connects bexio with Swisscom telephony. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • In the case of collective positions, the delivery status of sub-positions in the order is reset if a delivery is cancelled or deleted.
  • There are no more line shifts when exporting a large number of invoices (over 500 invoices).
  • When creating an invoice from a recurring order with several clicks, only one invoice is created.
  • Foreign exchange gains or losses were sometimes incorrectly calculated and booked after an outgoing payment on a credit note. The error occurred when at least one item in the credit memo had a negative value. This calculation is now correctly carried out and posted.
  • E-mails are once again sent as HTML and text.
  • The comments of a manual entry from Banking are also displayed in the journal. 
  • The billing address stored for a contact will be printed (if complete) on the QR payment slip.
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