Update-News 18.08.2020

Dear bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 18.08.2020. You do not have to perform any updates.

New Features

  • Bank transactions can be automatically reconciled even when the file is uploaded manually. Provided there is a 100% match with the information on the payment slip. This means that the reference number, amount (+/- allowed deviation that you have defined in the banking settings), and date range must be identical for the transaction to be reconciled automatically.
  • New in payroll accounting: Transfer working hours and record vacation days! Transfer recorded working hours from a bexio project or from Clockodo to your payroll accounting with one click: The number of hours is transferred directly to the payroll. In addition, we have introduced a simple function to track your employees’ vacation days. This information can now be displayed on the pay slips.
  • New App in the marketplace: Shopify! Connect your Shopify store to bexio and save hours of manual work! Simply synchronize your Shopify customers, products and orders with bexio – thanks to bexioSync. Learn more


  • Document formats are now automatically recognized when scanning documents via our mobile app bexioGo. Download the app update on your phone to take advantage of the new feature.
  • Automatic reconciliation works for both QR reference numbers (Creditor Reference and QRR).
  • Invoices can now be searched by reference number in the sales module. Use the filter function directly via “Sales” - “Invoices”
  • The new currency settings now make it possible to store the WIR currency (CHW and CHE) in bexio.
  • Improved App «Zapier» in the marketplace: Zapier can now create not only invoices but also orders in bexio. Zapier will also watch for any new orders in bexio and kick off workflows in other apps you use most. Additionally we upgraded our New/Updated Person Trigger in Zapier to include the company name as an additional field. Try out the new bexio to Google Contacts template to see how to set up this workflow. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • The open items list now displays the correct exchange rate for manually defined exchange rates.

Note: Keep your browser up to date

  • To optimize the performance of bexio, we recommend that you regularly delete your browser data (cache) and restart your browser. It is also important that you update your browser to the latest version. More information can be found in this article.
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