InvoCLOUD (eBill / ZUGFeRD) - Setup

eBill is an electronic invoice format that allows you to enter invoices (debtors) into the customer's e-banking. Your customer can handle the payment of your invoice conveniently, directly from their banking platform.

→ For an explanation on how to use this integration, read this post: InvoCLOUD - Application


Application Requests: For queries about third-party software within the application, please use the following information:

Developer → InvoCLOUD AG
Partner's website →
Partner App DetailsMarketplace

The Terms and Conditions, as well as further details can be found on our Marketplace App. The integration is charged directly via the partner. The bexio conditions are not affected.





What is eBill? General Information

eBill is an electronic invoicing format that allows you to enter invoices (debtors) into the customer's e-banking. Your customer can handle the payment of your invoice conveniently, directly from their banking platform. The integration InvoCLOUD enables you to send the eBill - the reconciliation of the subsequent transaction with the invoice, as before, takes place "manually" via the banking module in bexio. However, it is not possible to receive eBill in the opposite format, as an electronic invoice format in bexio. The InvoCLOUD customer portal is available in multiple languages (DE, FR, EN, IT).



How do I link the integration?

1. Add the App

You can search for the application via our App Marketplace ( Click «Add APP».



2. Registration

You'll be forwarded to the bexio login page so you can log in with your user data.



Access to the data listed below is required, in order to register the bexio client with SIX, as an issuer of bills; also to transmit invoices to SIX on behalf of the bexio client, so that the invoices can be displayed in the eBanking platform of the contact's bank (invoice recipient). (If further authorizations are needed in the future (For example, during the expansion of eBill services), the bexio customer will be asked to confirm access again.)



To register, select the industry closest to the bexio client's commercial activities. A multiple selection is permitted. The data is transmitted to SIX and serves to make it easier for bexio customers to be found by their contacts (invoice recipients).



3. Paying Invoice

The invoicing party has three packages, each with a different number of invoices, at their disposal. This can be purchased as a subscription. By submitting the order, an invoice is sent to the bexio customer. If the bexio customer is already an eBill participant (in the role of invoice recipient) and has accepted InvoCLOUD as eBill biller, an eBill invoice from InvoCLOUD will be sent to him/her, otherwise, a QR invoice will be sent to him/her in the form of a PDF via e-mail:




4. Activation Successful

Only once InvoCLOUD receives the invoice amount for the selected package, will the eBill /ZUGFeRD function in bexio be activated. In order to be enabled to send the order, the bexio customer must accept the Declaration Of Delegation, the General Terms, and Conditions. A successful order is confirmed with a corresponding notification:


Note on activation: The "invoice send" function via eBill /ZUGFeRD will be activated as soon as payment has been registered with InvoCLOUD. Please note the additional requirements in the post describing the InvoCLOUD application.

In addition, InvoCLOUD transmits information for all contacts (bill recipients), who wish to receive eBills from the invoicing party to the bexio system. This information is required by bexio, to ensure that an invoice can only be sent via eBill if the invoice recipient has given their consent. Before each invoice is sent, InvoCLOUD re-checks whether the invoice recipient is still authorized for eBill billing.


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