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Is bexio running a little slower than usual or expected? There could be several reasons for this. To optimize performance, we generally recommend that you regularly delete your browser data (cache) and restart your browser. It is also important that you update your browser to the latest version. More information can be found in this article.

Should the above steps fail to resolve the issue, please follow the steps below. This will help to give us enough data to analyze the cause at your site:

  1. Log in to your bexio account.
  2. Right-click on the mouse. A small window will open.
  3. Click on “Inspect”. Your browser's “Developer Tool” will open. (This can appear on the side or at the bottom of your browser window. Either way makes no difference.)


The next steps are:

  1. Click on the “Network” tab (marked orange in the image)
  2. Click on any new page in your bexio.
  3. Sort by “Time” so that the sorting shows the longest time first (marked orange in the image).


The final steps are:

  1. Click on pages or open documents or menus that are slow to respond
  2. Each time a page / document is completely loaded, you can download the report (marked orange)
  3. Please send these reports back to the bexio support team: (Since the files can be relatively large, you may have to send them in several steps / e-mails)


Once we have received these reports, our technicians will analyze the data to determine the cause. We are constantly working to improve our performance and will use the knowledge gained to establish priorities.

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