Update-News 27.09.2018

Dear bexio community -

We’re pleased to announce that our software was automatically updated on September 27, 2018. Consequently, there’s no need for you to implement any updates.

New document design for all customers now in effect

As a result of the update, all customers have been migrated from the old document design to the new document design.

  • The old document format is no longer available. As a result of the update, all documents will be created with the new standard template.
  • Management of the old document design has been deactivated. All links have been removed. Therefore, you’ll no longer be able to switch back and forth between document designs.
  • The old PDF backgrounds can be downloaded under the new document templates (as a ZIP file).
  • Effective immediately, the logo upload within bexio only offers the option to upload under "My company". Logos can no longer be uploaded in the company profile. Individual logos can still be uploaded to the individual document types within the new document design.

new functionality

  • For PDFs with payment terms that have a discount of 0%, the PDF will no longer display a heading of Discount and the value of 0%
  • In the document settings, you can once again select whether to display column headings on each page or not
  • For PDF documents, the orange payment slip can now be printed on the same page as the invoice. The ISR is always created without an orange background.


  • If a UBS contract is separated and the account is subsequently deleted, the logo is no longer visible
  • When synchronizing bank transactions, at times the date range was set incorrectly, which could potentially lead to duplicates. This has now been fixed
  • The text "Download PDF" in the online network view has been replaced by the text "Print document (PDF)". Likewise, the text is now displayed to the left of "Leave comment"
  • Very long text items no longer cause a page break before the start of the position indicator in the PDF. The overall handling of page breaks has been improved.
  • When a logo is modified, the adjustment is also incorporated in payroll accounting
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