Issuing and redeeming credit vouchers

How are vouchers invoiced and sold in bexio? How is the redemption of a gift voucher recorded? This support article explains how to record vouchers properly in bexio.







Unredeemed vouchers constitute income that has not yet been received and are shown on the liabilities side of the balance sheet. When they are sold, a liability is created on behalf of the voucher holder, who is entitled to exchange the voucher for one of your services at a later date.


In the case of VAT liability, it must be ensured that only the redemption of the voucher and the associated service are subject to VAT. The issuance and sale of a voucher is not taxable, since it is purely a means of payment.




Before any vouchers are issued, the following tasks must be performed in bexio:

    • Create an account in Banking

      Create a cash account in Banking called "Vouchers". This article explains how to create a cash account: Create a new cash/bank account

      After creating the new account, go to the Chart of Accounts to edit it. Change the name of the account to "Vouchers". We recommend that you change the account number to 2040.

    • Create a VAT code for vouchers

      Create a new VAT rate. The object is to create a VAT code that does not appear on the VAT form or in the Journal. The VAT code should be created as follows.



    • N.B.: Please ensure that no number is assigned to the VAT code. Ignore the warning message in the VAT invoice form stating that there is a VAT rate with no number.

    • Create a revenue account for vouchers

      Create a revenue account in the chart of accounts with the name "Voucher Revenue" and an account number, 3689 for example. Assign the previously-created special "Vouchers" VAT code and save the changes.

Selling a voucher

Create a new sales invoice. Enter a standard item and define the amount to be invoiced. N.B.: bexio only allows accounts of the type revenue account to be selected. Liability accounts cannot be selected. This is why we created a special revenue account in the checklist which is only suitable for this type of transaction. The "Voucher Revenue" account should now be selected for the item. Please also select the "Vouchers" VAT code that you previously created and is only for the settlement of vouchers.

If the sale of vouchers is part of your everyday business, we recommend that you create a new product for vouchers with the same settings as above. More information on creating a product can be found here.


Issue the invoice and close the transaction.

The balance of the revenue account must be transferred manually at regular intervals to the banking account (2040) that was specially created for this purpose. This ensures that unredeemed vouchers are shown in the balance sheet on the balance sheet date.

Redeeming a voucher

If a customer would like to redeem a voucher, create a sales invoice and bill the services with the corresponding VAT rate. Amounts paid by means of a voucher should be entered as incoming payments under "Incoming payments and vouchers". Select the previously-created account "Vouchers" (2040) as the bank account.

Der Gesamtbetrag der Rechnung wird um den Betrag des Wertgutscheines reduziert und zeigt den noch zu zahlenden Restbetrag an.




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