Update-News 16.10.2020

Dear bexio community

We are happy to inform you about our latest update, which was automatically installed on 16.10.2020. There is no need for you to update anything.


New features

  • New: Free legal information hotline - exclusive to your bexio package. JurLine: The simple and quick source of information on all your company-related legal questions. Get competent help from experienced lawyers. JurLine is free of charge in the Pro+ package and optionally available in the Starter and Pro packages. Learn more »
  • New chart of accounts in bexio: Now you can create and edit accounts and account groups in the chart of accounts much faster. Simplified templates in the new accounting on-boarding, mean less adjustments need to be made to the chart of accounts. And importing chart of accounts templates from Excel allows much faster setup for pros. The new chart of accounts is available from now on in all newly created bexio accounts. – and at a later stage also in existing.


  • Enhanced importing of contacts: Assign the contact number yourself or have it numbered automatically. Fewer mandatory fields simplify importing of contacts. Learn more »
  • Exporting contacts: For more clarity, the "ID" column has been renamed to "Record ID" when exporting contact data.
  • The QR-ID (former BESR-ID) is no longer mandatory for QR invoices with QR IBAN. bexio recommends that you store the QR ID if you previously worked with ESR. Otherwise no QR ID should be used.

Bug fixes

  • Invoices in foreign currencies can again be reconciled. The exchange rate is taken from the settings. 
  • Manual entries from banking are again listed in the journal under manual entry filters. 

3 tips for the new invoice emailing feature, etc.

  1. Notification if e-mail delivery is not possible: Via e-mail notification to the sender's address you will be informed if, for example, an invoice could not be delivered via e-mail.
  2. No more spam: Personalize your e-mails with individual e-mail templates (e.g. subject line with document number or document title).
  3. Get paid faster: In your e-mail, point out the advantages of online view (bexio network), such as fast,  automated invoice payment using TWINT, Visa and Mastercard, instead of sending it as a PDF attachment. Learn more »
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