Chart of accounts import / export function

To import your products, a template is required. You can import new charts of accounts or update existing ones. The actual importing of charts of accounts usually takes only few seconds.





How does importing work?

Important: The import function is only available if there is not a single entry in your journal. If there is no entry in all the business years created, this feature can be used. If you have only just started bookkeeping, reset the few entries that have been set or use the "Delete data" function. "More information on deleting your data". You can then carry out the import.

There are two different ways to import your chart of accounts, depending on whether the Accounting Setup Wizard has already been completed or not. Below is a video guide in Swiss German!

  1. The Accounting wizard
  2. Financial accounting chart of accounts


1. The Accounting wizard

If you are a new customer, you can start the wizard under «Accounting» / «Set up accounting».



If you have already dismissed it or you can no longer see it, you can find it under «Accounting» → «Financial Statements» → «Transferring Balance Sheet and Income Statement».




In step three of eight, you can define your chart of accounts. 



At the bottom you will see the expert function. To the right of it, you can import your Excel template.


Important: This expert function is really only suitable for users who have a good understanding of accounting and are familiar with the bexio software.


2. Financial accounting chart of accounts

If the Accounting Setup Wizard has already been completed, the Chart of Accounts can also be edited in the Preferences. Under the path "Settings" → "All Settings" → "Accounting" → "Chart of Accounts Financial Accounting", you will see two icons in the upper right corner. Use the right button to download the current chart of accounts as Excel. With the left button you can import the chart of accounts. 



Recommendation: Download a copy of your chart of accounts so that you have it in duplicate for security.


After clicking on the "Import Button" the following warning message appears - Please pay attention to it.


Video instructions in Swiss German


Structure of the Excel

The Excel spreadsheet is structured in seven columns.

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Account group
  • Account type
  • System account
  • Linked account
  • VAT type



Account number

With the account number, you determine the number to be assigned to the account.

Account name

With the account names, you can define the names of your accounts.

Account Group

Here you can link the account groups. Here it is important that there is a logical structure, i.e. the linked account group must also exist.

Account type

The account type determines the group of the balance sheet and income statement. For example, account 2000 has the asset account type. The asset account with the account number 2 has the account type Group because it is linked to an account group.

System Account

System accounts must not be modified, or the import will not work.

Linked account

Linked accounts are only for bank accounts; the linked accounts are not imported.

VAT type

The VAT rate is entered here. It is recommended that you enter the records after the import is done, as this is controlled by commands.


The mandatory fields

The mandatory fields are:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Account group
  • Account type

System accounts must not be modified, or the import will not work. However, for example, the name of system account as well as the number can be adjusted. For system account groups (e.g. 1 Assets, modifying the number has no effect)

Linked accounts are only for bank accounts, the linked accounts are not imported.


Which accounts can be imported?

All accounts, so long as they meet the validation criteria. 

The validation criteria used in the user interface and during import must be identical (e.g. max. x characters for the name, etc.).

Accounts that cannot be imported

Incorrect references (e.g. group not present). Incorrectly named system accounts. If system accounts and system account groups do not exist.

Urgent recommendation: Keep the structure of 1-9 in the account groups.



Importing errors

Usually when validation rules are violated. Sometimes the errors are difficult to understand, sometimes trivial. So please perform the import only if you are sure.



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