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This article explains how to use the Guuru chat application, and answers other questions about the partner program. If you are not yet a Guuru/bexio expert and are interested in becoming one, please click the following link to read a quick explanation of how to do this: «Becoming a bexio expert».





How does the Community Chat work?

Online and mobile app chats

Chat requests from our customers can be accepted through two platforms: Either via the smartphone app, or via the online version at «».


Which topics will I receive requests for?

Before you become a Guuru and receive requests, you will have to complete a test in the "General" expertise. There are other types of expertise, i.e. topics for which you can receive enquiries. The following areas of expertise are available; «Accounting» / «Banking» / «Payroll accounting». Go to the "three-dot menu" of the Guuru app and select "bexio" under "Communities". Here you can determine which area of expertise you would like to cover. After successfully completing the test, you will also receive requests from customers relating to that category.



In which languages will I receive requests?

You can select the languages (German, English, French and Italian) in which you are able and want to answer chat requests in your Guuru profile.


How and when will I receive chat requests?

You will receive questions from bexio customers via push-notification in the Guuru app or on your PC. Requests may appear around the clock every day (including weekends), but you are under no obligation to answer questions if you have no time or desire to do so. Under "Availability", you can decide for yourself at what times you are available to receive questions and when not. 

You can also choose whether to answer an individual question or not. If you accept a request, you can start a chat with the customer and answer the question. If you do not want to answer a question, Guuru will find another external bexio expert to cover the request.

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How does the remuneration work?

You will earn money for answering questions.  When the Guuru chat is finished, the customer can rate the expert's answer. A maximum of 5 stars can be awarded for the support provided. The amount that you will receive is calculated on the basis of this rating.  If a customer does not submit a rating within 24 hours, your answer will automatically be awarded 5 stars. 

4 or 5 stars CHF 2.00per chat
3 stars CHF 1.00per chat
Less than 3 stars CHF 0.00per chat


Payment: Your credits will be paid into your bank account as a collective credit, providing you have entered your IBAN number in the app. If you have any questions or problems with receiving payment, please contact Guuru directly at Please note that you may have to declare these payments in your tax return.



What if I can't answer the question?

We do not expect you to be able to answer every request. Some requests may be too difficult because of their complexity, include questions about bexio invoices, or even require a detailed analysis by our technicians. This is why bexio support is there, and why there is a forwarding option. In cases like these, the chat history is forwarded to us, and we take over the request as quickly as possible.


Answers can be found here

Apart from the knowledge that we expect from our Guurus, you will find answers to most questions in our support section. At there is a list of countless articles compiled by the bexio support team, with instructions and explanations. These will provide you with efficient assistance and help you to answer customer requests successfully.



Despite the instructions in the support section, I don't know how to answer a question! - If you don't know how to respond to a customer request or can't answer a query (e.g: questions about a bexio invoice, opening financial years, etc.), this is where our support team comes in. The Guuru app allows you to forward the request directly to us, so that the customer doesn't have to repeat everything.

It is very important to us that we offer our customers the best possible support. It is of particular concern to us that customers are always informed that the chat history will be forwarded to us, and that a member of the bexio support team will contact them in writing.  → You will find instructions on how to do that here: «Forwarding a chat request».



Any questions? - If you have any questions about the Guuru app, please contact the provider directly with the Live Chat or send an email to «». If you have any questions for us about Guuru, please send an email to «».


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