Update-News 12.10.2018

Dear bexio community

We’re pleased to announce that our software was automatically updated on October 12, 2018. Consequently, there’s no need for you to implement any updates.

New features

  • bexio's login has been changed. Even if the layout changes slightly, you as a customer can still log in with your usual access data. It may be necessary to update your password manager due to a new URL. Thank you for your taking the time to read this notice.

  •  bexio dashboard: Quote requests for Gryps are now available as a "Widget" in the dashboard and are no longer listed under “Purchase.” The new widget allows a more customized placement of add-ons and integrations like Gryps. The widget also allows us to quickly announce additional add-ons and integrations.


  • Automatic emails from the bexio network are now sent in the language of the bexio user who is the recipient of the email.
  • When an expense is created, the VAT rate that is stored in the expense account in the chart of accounts is automatically applied.
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