The report cannot be displayed because accounts are missing

We have defined a standard structure to ensure that your Income Statement plus and Balance Sheet plus are displayed correctly. If your chart of accounts differs from this, the report will not appear and a warning will be displayed instead.


Why is the report not displayed?

If your chart of accounts differs from the structure of the Schweizer Kontenrahmen KMU, the Income Statement plus or Balance Sheet plus will not be displayed. Instead, a warning message is displayed and the incorrectly assigned accounts are listed. 



Specifically, this occurs if an account is directly subordinate to an account class (recognizable by a single-digit number). Check all the accounts listed under "All settings" → "Accounting" → «Chart of accounts Financial accounting." These accounts must be assigned directly to a main account group or to an account group.

You can also recognize incorrectly assigned accounts by the fact that they are located on the outer left margin instead of being subdivided into an account group. In this example, account "9000" is assigned to account class "9 - Complete" instead of the main account group "91 - Complete".


Structure of the standard chart of accounts

The charts of account templates we provide are based on the Schweizer Kontenrahmen KMU. These templates consist of the following parts: 

  • Account classes (no. 1–9)
  • Main groups of accounts (no. 10–99)
  • Account groups (no. 100–999)
  • Accounts (no. 1000–9999 = four-digit account numbers).

Accounts are always assigned to either a main group of accounts or account group, but never directly to an account class. Thanks to the clear structure, the totals of the balance sheet and income statement are calculated and shown correctly. 

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