Update News 10.12.2020

Dear bexio community

We are happy to inform you about our latest update, which was automatically installed on 10.12.2020. There is no need for you to update anything.

New features

  • New Purchase module in bexio: Enter, post and pay for receipts and expenses much more easily and quickly - on just one page and in less than 1 minute. The new Purchase module will be rolled out step by step: It is available immediately in all newly created bexio accounts - and at a later date in existing ones as well.

Enhancements in Payroll

  • The year 2021 can be activated in the payroll accounting. This means that you can already make settings for the coming year. (How? Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner in payroll accounting and open the year 2021)

  • Thanks to two newly available layouts for PDF payroll statements for employees, you will have a more modern appearance.

  • Now "holiday" can be entered as a further reason for an employee's absence and is thus shown directly on the pay slip. This eliminates the need for manual updating of holidays on pay slips.

  • The new wage type table in the company settings makes handling easier, as you can copy wage types more quickly with just one click. 

New Apps in the Marketplace

  • HR Cosmos: The free HR knowledge network provides you with quick and direct answers to the personal HR questions that you come across in your everyday work. Learn more »
  • Shopware interface: Our interface automatically transfers your orders from Shopware to bexio. You decide which additional data should be transferred. Many customer-specific settings possible! Learn more »
  • With NetMailer, sending newsletters becomes a breeze. Transfer all contacts from bexio to NetMailer at the push of a button – divided according to the categories of your bexio contacts. Learn more »
  • hotelbooker is a free booking service for all those who are organising an event for groups of seven or more persons and are looking for a suitable hotel, venue or meeting facilities, whether in Switzerland, in the regions just across the Swiss border or in European Cities. Learn more »
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