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Customers help customers! Answer chat questions from other bexio customers with the mobile app or online with your PC and CHF 2 will be credited to your bank account for every positively-rated answer. Responding to questions is voluntary. Become a bexio expert in just 3 steps and use your knowledge about bexio to help other customers.

I am already a bexio expert, but I'm looking for a guide to the Guuru program.
I know how the chat works, but I received a question about Guuru.





What is Guuru?

Customers help customers! Guuru enables us to offer fast, authentic customer service around the clock. → You will find a more detailed answer to this and other frequently asked questions about Guuru in the following article: «FAQ».



How do I become a Guuru / bexio expert?

«Guuru» is available as a free app in the App Store. After the initial registration, it can also be accessed online at «». Installing the Guuru app on your mobile phone. The download is available for Apple (iOS) & Android smartphones.



1. Joining the community

Open the Guuru app. In the «three-dot menu,» click on «Communities». Select «bexio» in the list and confirm your registration by clicking on «Join the community». 

d1.PNG d2.PNG


2. Enter the access code

The access code is "bexio_guuru"



3. Completing the test

You can now begin the test. You will find all the help you need in our support section at «». It's up to you to decide which areas of expertise you would like and are able to answer questions on. You will need to take another test for each area of expertise that you would like to cover.

Repeating a test: If you narrowly fail a test, you are welcome to try again.



Any questions? - If you have any questions about the Guuru app, please contact the provider directly with the Live Chat. If you have any questions for us about Guuru, please send an email to «».


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