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Please refer to the following answers if bexio customers have questions about chat support in bexio.





What is Guuru?

Support requests can be submitted not only to the bexio support team but also to external bexio experts in our community. At bexio, we use chat software called Guuru to do this. Customers help customers! Guuru enables us to offer a fast, authentic customer service that is available around the clock.

The chat requests are answered by certified bexio customers. Customers who have experience and knowledge of bexio software can become certified bexio experts by taking tests for various types of expertise (General use / Accounting / Payroll accounting / Banking). We regularly check the quality of the answers provided by our bexio experts. 


Video about Guuru:


Example of a request submitted via chat:




How do I become an external bexio expert?

Customers help customers! If you answer questions from other bexio customers through the chat via the mobile app or on your PC with the online app, CHF 2.00 will be credited to your bank account for every positively-rated answer. Answering the questions is voluntary. Become a bexio expert in just 3 steps and use your knowledge about bexio to help other customers.



What do I need to know about chat support in bexio?

Community chat support can be accessed in the lower right corner of the bexio application. Certified external bexio experts answer questions according to our motto «bexio customers help other bexio customers». The chat enables questions to be answered faster around the clock and directly from bexio, thus allowing our customers to receive written 24/7 support in the bexio application.

The purpose of chat support is not to replace support from bexio, but to complement it. In addition to the existing support provided by bexio, certified external bexio experts are now also helping to answer questions. The bexio support team is still available to customers free of charge during office hours by email or telephone.

Personal contact and speedy, competent responses to customer queries are extremely important to us. This support model allows customer queries to be answered even faster, while also ensuring that the answers are still competent and free of charge.

Important note: Requests submitted via the community chat are not answered by the bexio support team, but by bexio customers, according to our motto "bexio customers help bexio customers". The customers who provide the answers became certified bexio experts through their experience and knowledge of the bexio application.



Who can use the Guuru community chat?

The Guuru chat can be used by anyone with a bexio account (excepting trial accounts), and is available in the languages German, French, English and Italian.



How do I know whether to ask the external experts or the bexio support team?

The community chat is suitable for simple questions about using bexio. In the case of questions relating to complex issues or a bexio account, such as invoices or package changes, customers are advised to contact the bexio support team by email or telephone.

Customers can assign their queries to the following categories: Banking, Payroll Accounting, Accounting and Other. The external bexio experts can specify the topics for which they would like to receive questions in their profiles. 



How does the chat work?

1. Opening the Guuru chat

Click on the chat button in the lower right corner of the bexio application.



2. Submitting a request

Write your question into the chat window. → Your request will be assigned to a certified bexio expert, who will respond as quickly and well as possible.



If no expert is available, you will – if desired – be informed, or you can submit your question to the bexio support team, who will answer it during office hours.


3. Rating

When the chat is over, we ask you to rate the answer that you received. This is the only way that we can ensure high-quality answers in the long term. Thanks for your help!




How much does chat support cost?

Free support is a matter of course at bexio. Chat support from our external bexio experts is also free of charge.



Any questions? - If you have any questions about the Guuru app, please contact the provider directly with the Live Chat or send an email to «». If you have any questions for us about Guuru, please send an email to «».


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