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  • Improvements and bug fixes


Release Notes September 2022

7 September 2022 – View your invoices on the go

Version 1.8.0 of ourbexioGo mobile app now allows you to view and check the status of your invoices right on your smartphone.

Android_List.png Screenshot_20220907-171355.png


You have the option tosearch for the invoice title, invoice number, contact or invoice amount in the text search. You can also filter by individual statuses such as Draft, Open or Paid.

Clicking on an individual invoice displays it in detail. The invoice can then either be downloaded to your smartphone or shared directly with another app.

Please note that you need an active internet connection to view an individual invoice.

7 September – Fix for updates for transferred bank payments

Bank payments on supplier invoices are now correctly updated when the bank payment is submitted.

5 September – Troubleshooting expense booking

We have fixed the issue with posting expenses for users with large charts of accounts


Release Notes August 2022

31 August – Payroll accounting – Order of fixed periods of employment

Employment periods are now always listed in chronological order.

27 August - UBS: Deactivation of old interface and complete conversion to bLink 

As part of the transition to the new bLink interface, the old UBS interface was deactivated for all clients on 27 August. 

With the bLink interface, UBS fully supports QR-billing. You must set up the new bLink interface to use the new features. You can find instructions on how to do this in our support area.Find out more »

27 August - bexio switches to QR and deactivates ESR features

On the 30th of September 2022, the orange and red payment slips will be discontinued by all Swiss banks. The QR-bill will be the new standard. 

To be prepared for this change, bexio removed ESR functionalities in the sales module, banking, the purchasing area (old version) and APIs on 27 August. For customers who still had ESR invoices as their means of payment, we also made the switch to QR-billing automatically on 27 August. This will prevent payment defaults in October.Find out more »

18 August – Payroll translations

Updated translations for changes in the employee timeline.

16 August 2022 – Electronic data exchange is easier than ever

With the unique web application "gate2b", io-market enables small and medium-sized companies to set up and carry out electronic data exchange easily, quickly and in self-service. Learn more »

04 August – File preview in the inbox

Multi-page documents can now be previewed in the inbox.

Release Notes July 2022

25 July - UBS: Activation of the new bLink interface

With the bLink interface, UBS fully supports QR-billing. You must set up the new bLink interface to use the new features. You can find instructions on how to do this in our support area.Find out more »

19 July – Payroll – Preset number of hours for the employee

When setting up things for a new employee, the number of weekly working hours is transferred from the workplace data by default.

19 July – Correction of supplier invoice posting issues

We have fixed the issue with posting supplier invoices for users with large charts of accounts.

18 July – Improved navigation between multiple attachments when shopping

The size of the preview window is no longer changed when switching between several attachments for supplier invoices.

14 July – Payroll accounting – Several periods of employment within one month

The logic for calculating payroll has been updated to correctly calculate payrolls if the employee has multiple periods of employment within the month.

7 July – Payroll accounting – Corrections in the calculation of short-time work

The wage types bonus and employee participation were removed from the calculation of the short-time worker deduction.

7 July – Payroll accounting – Improving navigation of withholding tax reports

When accessing withholding tax reports, the previously selected month is displayed instead of the current month

05 July – Save time on paperwork

SMAILD is a premium app developed by Deidis. It saves lots of time by dispatching your documents per post. Attach a PDF to your email or send it directly from bexio – no more printing, no more envelopes, no more going to the post office. Learn more »

04 July – Payroll accounting – Rounding of basic wage data

Fixed issue with rounding in the basic wage data area.

4 July – Improved layout of supplier invoices

We have fixed an issue with misalignment of columns for items in supplier invoices.

Release Notes June 2022

27 June – The software for shift operations

Thanks to automatic availability queries, intuitive shift planning, integrated time recording and working time control, you double your efficiency in personnel management. Learn more»

23 June – Say goodbye to chasing missing receipts and manually posting your income and expenses in bexio

With optical recognition technology from PagiTron, information is automatically extracted and booked, giving you more control over your time and administrative costs. Learn more »

20 June – Payroll accounting – Improved filtering for insurers on the declaration page

If no employee was insured with a particular insurer, that insurer will no longer be listed as one of the insurers to which an annual return must be sent.

15 June – Purchasing – Validation of the IBAN Creditor Reference

A correction for the incorrect validation of the IBAN Creditor Reference for QR payments has been published.

14 June – Easier handling of contacts with the latest update of our mobile app bexioGo

The new version 1.7.0 of our mobile app bexioGo offers you some new functions and improvements around contacts:

  1. Direct archiving of contacts

Archive new contacts conveniently by "left-swiping" or in the detailed view:

Screenshot_20220613-150620.png.    mceclip5.png

  1. Finding the right contact faster thanks to filters

You can use filters to search your contacts by person, company or next birthday:

Tip: Now you can see upcoming birthdays at a glance! This is because the next birthdays are displayed in descending order starting from the current day (based on the day and month of the date of birth). New birthdays can now also be added directly.

  1. Faster recording and editing of contacts

Edit contacts even more easily by placing the most commonly used fields at the top of the contact form. 

Additional improvements in the contact form:

  • Less used fields can now be found under "Additional information"
  • We have deliberately omitted fields that are used very little
  • Birthdays for persons can now be recorded directly in the app (under "Additional information")
  • The phone fields now show the entire captured text, not just the phone number


9 June - Develop and promote sustainable goals for your employees

up your self – supports you in developing clear & binding business and employee goals. Learn more »

8 June - Automatically account and post over 100 credit card/Revolut transactions within 5 minutes

Accrio CSV Importer – With Accrio's CSV Importer, you can quickly and easily assign transaction data in CSV file format and post it in bexio. Learn more »

Release Notes May 2022

19 May - Leadinfo identifies anonymous website visitors to help you boost your revenue

With this integration you can easily link Leadinfo to bexio. Leadinfo identifies anonymous website visitors to help you boost your revenue. Learn more »

May 16 - Purchase - Fix for adding invoice discounts.

Problem with adding a discount to an invoice has been fixed.

May 12 - Purchase - Posting account 2201 enabled.

Due to a previous change, certain system posting accounts were made unavailable for selection in the Purchase module. However, account 2201 should have been made available as it is required for certain use cases, so this account has been re-enabled.

May 11 - Purchase - Improvements to QR reference number entry.

Leading zeros are automatically appended to QR reference numbers to make it easier to enter a valid value.


6 May - Inventoro helps retail and wholesale organizations increase revenue and reduce inventory at the same time

Are you having trouble with keeping products available all time or are you piling up dead inventory? Use our forecasting tool to make these problems go away. Our AI tool helps you order the right goods at the right time. Learn more »

6 May - Zappter allows bexio customer to create apps without IT knowledge

Zappter allows bexio customer to create web, iOS and Android apps without IT knowledge. Customized and integrated with bexio. bexio customers exclusively benefit from a free coaching – find out more now. Learn more »

Release Notes April 2022

April 20 - Payroll - corrections for wage type list and withholding tax corrections.

The wage type list has been improved, fixing problems when copying and editing wage types. In addition, when creating withholding tax corrections, it is now checked whether the canton was selected, as this caused errors.

April 20 - Purchase - Correction for vendor invoices created from purchase orders.

The correct amount is posted on new vendor invoices created from purchase orders.

April 19 - Easier handling of documents and faster recording of working hours with the latest update of our mobile app bexioGo.

The new version 1.6.0 of our mobile app bexioGo offers you some long-awaited features and improvements:
1. for more customized further processing, you can download or share scanned documents directly from the app. This works either via "left-swipe" in the overview under "Uploaded documents" or in the detailed view of an individual document:
2. Capture times faster: You can reuse the last saved time entry with just one click. Please note that this will only work after you have saved the next time entry. Time tracking is only available to customers with the Pro or Pro+ packages.
3. new you can easily copy any time entry in the app. This works either by "left-swipe" in the times overview or in the detailed view of an individual time entry. 


April 19 - Purchase - Fix for contacts created from Inbox.

When creating a new contact, the correct contact type is used when a new vendor invoice is created from the Inbox.

April 15 - Purchase - Fix for suggested bank accounts

Bank account suggestions are displayed correctly for contacts that have both an IBAN and ISR account specified.

April 14 - Purchase - Improvements to avoid payment reconciliation issues.

Some of our users were experiencing issues with delayed vendor invoice updates during reconciliation. We have made performance improvements to avoid these issues in the future.

April 12 - Purchase - QR invoice extraction from inbox.

bexioGo, bexio's mobile application, makes it easy to create, post and pay vendor invoices with QR codes. Since bexio wants to fully support the new QR invoice standard, QR codes are now also extracted from the inbox when creating new supplier invoices. Upload your electronic document to bexio and create the supplier invoice in just a few clicks!

April 06 - Payroll - Correction for withholding tax corrections.

Withholding tax corrections now include correct rate code details for all scenarios.

6 April - Read purchase orders automatically from the bexio inbox? No problem.

Would you like to book your invoices easily and release them for payment? The accounting robot automatically reads, records and assigns an account to your invoice in bexio, so you only have to check and approve it. Learn more »


Release Notes March 2022

March 23 - Purchase - Fix for invoice attachments and filtering of posting accounts.

It is no longer allowed to link the same file twice to a vendor invoice, which has caused problems for some Purchase users. Also, the system posting accounts are no longer available for posting vendor invoices to prevent incorrect posting entries from being created.

March 17 - Purchase- the latest inbox files listed for linking.

When displaying files in the Inbox that can be linked to a vendor invoice, the most recent files are now displayed first - making it easier to find files relevant to vendor invoices.

16 March - Can't see through all your documents? We have the solution

Addmin is a modern web application helping entrepreneurs and businesses manage their documents on the cloud. Thanks artificial intelligence and workflow automation, repetitive and manual tasks are a thing of the past! Learn more »

March 15 - Payroll: update for cantonal withholding tax rates

As some cantons have updated their withholding tax rates for the year 2022, all tax rates have been adjusted to the latest changes.

15 March – Thanks to the yearly report and further updates, tik-tak makes it even easier to record times

One of the most requested features in tik-tak is here: The new yearly report gives you an overview of all hours worked by individual employees according to a monthly summary. Other improvements are the multiple selection filters and the possibility to lock/unlock one year per user to avoid changes in the past. Learn more about tik-tak »

March 10 - Purchase: fix for removed attachment on contact change.

Attachments are no longer removed from vendor invoices when the contact is changed.

March 07 - Payroll - new mandatory spouse information and withholding tax return corrections.

Effective immediately, residence information of the employee's spouse is required to send withholding tax returns. Also, we fixed the issue where all employees were listed in the withholding tax return data preview.

3 March — Increase your sales with your own online shop

With bexio Commerce you create your own webshop in minutes. We make it easy to sell your products online - with everything a Swiss online shop needs to be successful. Ideal for those who want to sell more. Learn more »

2 March – Optimise your digital online presence

Optimise your digital online presence and connect your website across the internet with 1 management tool. Push your website in organic search ads, optimise your ranking, analyse your market environment, interact with your customers via social media channels and organise your reputation management. Learn more »

Release Notes January 2022

26 January — Bug fix

When exporting invoices to Excel, the QR reference is displayed correctly for all invoices again.

24 January — “Mark contact as deleted” is now called “Archive”

Since we couldn’t answer the question "Why don't we just call it 'archive'?", we decided to rename the "Mark as deleted" function to "Archive". Because that's exactly what happens: The contacts are archived.

24 January — Bug fix

The chart of accounts reconciliation in payroll now works correctly for users with more than 500 accounts.

12 January — Bug fix

The "OI list credits" export now displays the exchange rate from the supplier invoice itself instead of from the general settings.

11 January — Bug fix

All posting accounts for users with more than 500 accounts are now retrieved in the new purchase module.

5 January — Open linked contact person faster

Surveys have shown that our users would like to be able to open the linked contact person more quickly. That’s why we’ve made it possible to open linked contact persons with just one click. The option to display the link information and other contact information for the linked contact can now be found via the "Show link" menu.

3 January — New withholding tax rates imported in payroll

The withholding tax rates for 2022 have been updated in payroll for all cantons. Please note that there has been a change in the company car private share from 0.8% to 0.9%, which is now also reflected in payroll.

18 January – Connect HubSpot with bexio

Synchronize data between bexio and HubSpot without manual data entry or tedious, time-consuming imports. Learn more »

Release Notes December 2021

December 20 — Improvement in Sales Analytics

We have revised and significantly sped up the downloading of the Sales Analytics data. This means that the Excel file can now be successfully downloaded even if the amount of data is too large or the time period is too long, without leading to a timeout.

December 16 — Banque Cantonale du Jura interface update 

Over the past few weeks, we have improved the interface with Banque Cantonale du Jura (BCJ) and tested it with a few customers. This test phase has now been successfully completed: As of today, the new and improved interface with BCJ is available to all customers. The new interface version allows improving the data quality of the transactions. You as a customer can now have even more structured information available to you during reconciliation. This structured data creates the foundation for further automation in bexio. 

December 9 — New “Plus” balance sheet and income statement reports available for all bexio accounts

The new «Plus» version allows for more flexible analyses, better year-on-year and quarterly comparisons, and optimized export/print formats for greater clarity.

In bexio accounting, you will now find two versions of the “Balance sheet” and “Income statement” reports: Our classic balance sheet and income statement, as well as the new “Plus” version. This means that you as a user can still choose which report version you want to work with.

December 3 — QR invoice now also with the Raiffeisen interface

With this update, the QR invoice is now also supported by the Raiffeisen interface. Raiffeisen customers who previously worked with the QR invoice and manually uploaded transactions to bexio can now import all information into bexio via the interface. The entire interface also benefits from modernized technology. In particular, the duplicate filter has been improved and you as a customer now have more information available for reconciliation provided that the transaction hasn’t been reconciled automatically (based on the reference number). To learn how you can create invoices with QR codes, please see the Support article.


15 December – Connect Pipedrive with bexio

Reduce manual work and focus on the tasks that matter most by automatically moving information from bexio to Pipedrive with the Pipedrive Connector app. Learn more »

2 December – LETSBUYIT-Sourcing-Community

Become a member of our procurement community, as an occasional shopper, as a supplier or as a professional buyer. Your purchase orders or invoices are directly integrated into your bexio accounting! Learn more »

1 December – «Deleted by mistake, please enter again...» Protect yourself now with RESTORE-IT

Sorry, I accidentally deleted this week's receipts, please enter again...» If you want to protect yourself against mistakes made by employees: with RESTORE-IT Backup for bexio, data, documents and contacts from bexio can be backed up automatically in a Swiss data centre and exported in a targeted manner. Learn more »

1 December – Replace inconvenient Excel lists: VisualNumbers is your tool for budgeting

Replace inconvenient Excel lists: VisualNumbers is a tool for budgeting and business planning. Employees, partners and accountants can be integrated into the process. The scenario planner can be used to plan and control the future. Learn more »

Release Notes November 2021

18 November – Record working and project times even more efficiently with tik-tak

tik-tak, the app for recording work, project and absence times as well as holidays is now even better: The November version includes the new Stop-Watch function, Performance optimization, better synchronization with bexio, and small bug fixes.

  • Stop-Watch: You are now able to track time with the new stop-watch function
  • bexio synchronization (nightly): High performant and fully automated synchronisation over night with bexio
  • Instance synchronisation with bexio: Time entries are now instantly synchronized with bexio and all other people of the same company.
  • General performance improvements: We optimized the database so working with tik-tak is now faster than ever!

Learn more about tik-tak »

2 November – Better decisions with new analysis tool

sproutAnalytics is an analysis and reporting tool for evaluating bexio data. We do the data import/preparation for you and create beautiful visualizations. Learn more »

Release Notes October 2021

26 October – Industry specific solutions for painters and building technicians

XfleX covers all administrative processes required by SMEs in the commercial and service provider sectors. For painters and building technicians, all the very special requirements for these sectors are also fulfilled:

  • XfleX for painters is your specialized industry solution with all the functions you need for lean administration: CRM, order processing with service catalogs, reporting and hourly control in accordance with association and much more. Learn more »
  • XfleX for building technicians covers all the functions you need for efficient administration: CRM, order processing with IGH catalogs, objects, installations, maintenance contracts, service planning and more. Learn more »

15 October - Technological modernisation of the "Contacts" module

For some months now, we have been updating the technology of the contacts module in the background. This will make our product faster for them, easier to understand in operation, and we will be able to implement new functions faster in the future with the new technology. The following functionalities have already been modernised:

  • Create contact
  • Edit contact
  • Mark contact as deleted
  • Restore contact
  • Contact links" area
  • Additional addresses" area

You will notice small changes here and there in the appearance of the user interface. However, the basic functions and workflows remain the same as before.

For some functions, we have deliberately made small improvements directly in the course of the modernisation. One example is the list of contact links.  This now has a modern design. The user has a better overview and can see more information about the contacts at a glance. Via the menu on the right-hand side, the link can be edited and deleted. The operation has thus become even more intuitive.

Old (left) and new (right): 

Bildschirmfoto_2021-11-04_um_11.56.40.png  Bildschirmfoto_2021-11-04_um_11.38.54.png


12 October - Improved Balance Sheet & Income Statement Reports

For more individual reporting, you can now optionally show or hide the 3rd level account groups in the balance sheet and income statement.

In the reports it is now also clearly visible whether the profit has already been booked.

Clearer analysis options in the income statement thanks to an improved filter for the account levels to be displayed.

The "Annual Statement" report has been removed due to customer feedback. In its place, the PDF and Excel exports have been optimised and no longer contain meta information.

6 October - Improved interface to Valiant Bank

We have improved the interface to Valiant Bank and tested it with some customers in the past weeks. This test phase has now been successfully completed: As of today, the new, improved interface to Valiant is available to all clients. With the new version of the interface we can improve the data quality of the transactions. For you as a client, more and more structured information is now available when reconciling. This structured data forms the foundation for further automation in bexio. 


Release Notes September 2021

30 September - Bug fix

Searching for contacts with special characters in their names works again in all cases.

28 September - Update of our mobile app bexioGo

In the new version 1.5.0 of bexioGo the automatic document form recognition in the scanner is now optional and can be deactivated. Especially in environments with low contrast (bad lighting, documents on white / glass tables) this can prevent false recognition. In addition, an error in connection with the display of a large number of contacts (10k+ contacts) has been fixed.

13 September - Sending wage statements by e-mail

New: Send your employees' wage statements conveniently by e-mail, directly from bexio payroll accounting. You will find this function in the "Documents" area of payroll accounting. We hope that this will save you some of your precious time.

13 September - Bug fix

Fixed asset accounts can be used for postings from the purchase module. We knew this was a problem in our current purchase module and have fixed it.

Release Notes July 2021

27. July – Fixed Assets new in the marketplace

Automate fixed asset accounting and depreciation for bexio - save time, money and nerves. Learn more »

27. July – Accruals new in the marketplace

Automate accruals for bexio - save time, money and nerves. Learn more »

Release Notes June 2021

22. June – Time tracking tik-tak new in the marketplace

tik-tak, the Time-Tracking App (Work-, Project time, Absences as well as Vacation-Mgmt). Easy and time-saving for Employees as well as for Managers incl. analysis and in-sync with bexio. Developed in coordination with bexio. Learn more »

Release Notes May 2021


25. May – Updates in "Contacts" module

We are updating technology in the background for contacts, such as the edit view. You will notice small changes in appearance here and there. But the functions remain the same as before.

19. May – New in the Marketplace: MyCerty

MyCerty digital platform automates the creation of Swiss work certificates. Learn more »

18. May – New in the Marketplace: Arbeitszeugnishilfe

For SME’s and Startups, the easiest way to professional and legally compliant reference letters. Learn more »

17. May - New Balance Sheet & Income Statement Reports

The new balance sheet and income statement reports are available during the "Early Access" phase:

  • More flexibility and more precise analyses. The new filters ensure that the year-on-year comparison is easier to manage. For example, new options include quarterly comparisons.
  • More clearly-structure PDF documents with optimized print formatting. The new PDF files are clearer, require less space and filters are applied automatically.

Release Notes April 2021

29. April - New Chart of Accounts 

The new chart of accounts is now available in all bexio accounts:

  • Work more efficiently: With the new chart of accounts, accounts and account groups, can be displayed more clearly and processed more easily.
  • More transparent and simpler linking of your banking and accounting (bookkeeping) account: In bexio banking, the accounting account, to which the bank account is linked, is now directly visible, making adjustments easier to implement. In addition, when you create a new bank account, the corresponding accounting account can be automatically created, as before. Alternatively, you can now also link to an existing accounting account manually.

20. April – New in the marketplace: 2getHR

2getHR complements bexio in the complete digitalisation of HR processes: Employee dossiers, expenses management, vacation management, employee interviews etc. Learn more »

20. April – Bugfix

The error where VAT periods could not be settled if they had not been subject to VAT in the previous VAT period, has now been fixed.

Release Notes March 2021

30. March – New in the marketplace: wwcom smart call

wwcom smart call is the perfect communication solution for your company: flexible and easily-adaptable to your needs and optimized for the Swiss SME market – hosted in Switzerland and perfectly synchronized with bexio. Learn more »

10. March – New: Time tracking on the go with bexioGo

Track times on the go with our mobile app bexioGo (with the packages «Pro» and «Pro+»): Enter stopwatch, duration or from-to times on the smartphone and analyse and further calculate them later in projects on your computer. Learn more »

10. March – New in the marketplace: contactPRO

Managing contacts made easy. contactPRO automatically finds incorrect contact addresses and corrects them after consultation with you. Street names, bankruptcies, new directors etc. Learn more »

Release Notes February 2021

23. February – New in the marketplace: Swiss Newsletter

Send professional newsletters directly to your contacts from bexio. You benefit from the delivery reliability of the Swiss market leader in email marketing. Best of all: up to 200 emails per month are free! Learn more »

18. February – New in the marketplace: AMNIS payment platform

The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs. You benefit from foreign payments directly from bexio, currency accounts for receiving foreign currencies and transparent currency exchange. Learn more »

11. February - Bugfix

If you use your own font for your documents, but have not uploaded your own font for italics, bold and bold italics, we will no longer try to simulate the missing font styles. In such instances, the "regular" font is now applied. This gives you full control over how your font will be displayed.

9. February – New in the marketplace: PayrollPlus

The digital salary payment solution including insurance cover. We relieve you of all work related to salaries. Learn more »

3. February – New in the marketplace: business messaging

Messaging solutions for your business: With eCall Business Messaging you reach your customers via SMS, fax, e-mail or voice message. Learn more »

Release Notes January 2021

20. January - New in the marketplace

Deeptrue's continuous customer satisfaction survey provides you with information on whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied and on which aspects, if any, you can optimize if necessary. Learn more »

13. January - Bug fixes

A bug where not all BCV bank transactions would be imported into bexio has been fixed.

8. January - New in the marketplace

Update Nov. 22: Payeye is no longer available in the Marketplace.

With Crealogix, it is now possible to instantly import invoices with Payeye ISR and QR using the bexio shopping module: 

  1. Download the latest Payeye or Giromat software from Crealogix and install it on your local machine (download it here:
  2. Select the "bexio supplier invoice" configuration in the relevant application

Update: The Payeye is no longer available in the Marketplace.

The alternative options for entering supplier invoices are bexioGo App or the Marketplace App provided by our partner Triboni. The bexioGo app allows you to take photos and upload invoices using Android and iOS smartphones. Triboni allows you to import incoming invoices via e-mail or from a scanner app, such as one of the popular multifunctional scanners released by a variety of developers. Documents are automatically recognized, uploaded to bexio, and filed in an archive certified in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV) in a data center in Switzerland. 


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